Most used words….

SO at the end of the year Facebook has an Ap called,

“your most used words.”

I couldn’t resist!!!

952Now, I suppose I’ve posted some things often.  A few words surprised me, like “multiple”, “james” and “ann”  but I suppose I was really excited over the IM in Arizona.

I was shocked to see “headache”  listed.  I think I’ve had about 4 headaches all year. I suppose I really documented them well on Facebook.

Anyway, obviously, words like “workout”  “long” “running”  and dog didn’t shock me much, plus of course the many gratuitous mentions of the Pool or swimming.

I’d be curious to see what these word clouds look like from year to year…What do you think your word cloud would look like?   Did you make one?  What was your top word?


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