2014 is on US!

And it is time for some goals.  I’m not so sure I like the idea of a Resolution.  Not that it is any different than a goal, but somehow I am used to working in goals.

Major goal this year would be to run without major injury.

2013 was a pretty good year for doing this.  I ran well and really only had major major injury in November/December.  It was a doozy and I lost my base and gained weight, so we’d like to work to avoid that.  My thought to avoid it is that I need to actually do more maintenance work and stretching.  I also stepped on a scale this morning, and it was not a very fun moment.  I have gained 4 pounds since I last stepped on the scale.

So one that note here are the actual goals

Take Yoga class one time weekly.

Stretch and do basic daily exercises DAILY. (ugh ugh ugh)

Continue to work with massage therapist weekly.



I dislike Yoga, so this will be a bit of a challenge, and the daily stuff…also challenging.  I adore my current LMT, so the challenge with that is actual appropriate budgeting.

Get my diet in line with my training.

I went back to using “My Fitness Pal” Ap on my phone yesterday.  I found I liked the updated version a lot.  It does help me because sometimes I just don’t want to admit I ate 18 Jujubees, so I don’t.  Once I start to run a lot again, I can be a little more loose in the diet area, but for now.  It’s Yogurt time!!!!

Study for Certification Exam

This has to become a 30 minute part of my day.  I’ve been so far very unsuccessful in incorporating this.  I am also trying to read more in the field.  CDC sends out TONS of articles each month and I never read them.   (Most are a bit erudite, talking about rare malaria strains in Botswana…)  I printed ONE yesterday and will read it today.   I am also setting up my study area today.  (It’s been used for massive ironing this weekend!)

WildCard Goal Learn to Ride a Bicycle!

Yeah, I never learned.  It is terrifying to me.  But it would really add to my fitness experience, AND I’d be able to look at Triathlon.  My coach looked at me last night and said, “Maybe you’ll hate it but I think that once you get going you will really really love riding…”  He’s probably not wrong.  So today I am going to the local bike shop to get measured for the right size bike and then the coach and I are going to take a look at Craig’s List and see… I think frankly he is so upset at what occurred in November and December that he wants me to give up marathoning all together and concentrate on triathlon.  I’m not there yet.  Not at all.  BUT…Bikes…well, I just want to ride like the wind or what not.

I’m a bit jealous, in urban areas there are adult learn to ride classes!  REALLY!  But I do not live in such a hip area.  So it will be me and the coach running after.  Going to look into adult training wheels though.  girls_learn_to_ride_bike


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