Race Calendar- help me choose!

Generally, a Floridian doesn’t really make a race calendar in January.  I guess we think about it, but in general, we are smack in the middle of race season, so making a calendar now seems kind of strange.

I, however, had my season kind of messed up, so I am looking to plan a super fun running 2014 to make up for my 2013. I need reader’s help as well, in deciding on my 2014 marathon…

Funny thing about 2013.  I had a GREAT running year.  I ran consistently, very little injury problems, paces were good, it just never translated into a really great great race for the year.

So, since I am kind of starting over at point nothing, I’ve decided to start my racing like I did when I first started coaching with Skeletor.



With a 10K.  Ten K races are awesome.  They are long enough to be more than an all out sprint, but short enough that they are still entirely fun.  As a distance, though it’s rare to find.  5K’s are easy to locate, but the 10…well, not many to choose from.

So, in true fashion of looking to combine a race with some fun, I decided against the annual Winter Park 10K which is uber popular and massively crowded.  I went for a 10K at the beach!  March 1!  What’s kind of funny is I have not run a 10K in about 2 years now.  My PR is 1:06:29.  I laugh in the face of that PR.  THat is now about my Marathon Long 20 mile run training pace.  So.  I hope to start out my Modified race season (everyone else will be winding down for summer) with a PR.  Shouldn’t be too tough.

After that, I have made tentative plans to head out to California to visit my friend Sam.  We’ve known each other since we were about 3 years old, so a reunion is in place.



Sam doesn’t run, but he likes wine.  So I decided this Napa Valley Half Marathon was just the ticket for the two of us to have a fun filled adventure weekend.  I won’t lie, I’m hoping for a Post surgery PR.  But mostly, I thought it would be fun.  He thinks so too.  I’d be happy with one minute off my 2:20 time.  But I managed to combine it with what promises to be a fun weekend, and the last time I didn’t PR at a fun weekend, I didn’t care!

June First is my stretch goal.  Pineapple Man Triathlon!  We’ll see how this goes.  My goal for this race would be to complete my first Triathlon, my first Open water ocean swim, and ride the bike without dying.  I do not care if I am dead last.  (though I’ll admit, I have been recruiting some of my slower pals so that I might not be dead last.)  I am still dickering around on Ebay about the bike. So, fingers crossed.  This would be the most awesome accomplishment.

After that folks, I am not a racer.  I will settle in for a Loooong training cycle for the Marathon. It gets errrr, warm…in Florida and wet and humid.


My Goal would be for a Marathon in October.  This will have to be out of state.  October is too warm for good marathoning in Florida.

So I thought about this kind of hard, and am looking at 2 races I’ve looked at in the past.

The Wineglass Marathon in Corning NY.  And…. The Mohawk-Hudson RIver Marathon, in Albany NY.

Wineglass is October 5th and is already at 90.00

Mohawk is October 12, and registration is not open for it yet, fees are not posted.

Elevation for Wineglass:



Elevation for Mohawk-Hudson River


SO they are pretty much the same.

It’s also about the same cost to fly to either location.

Wineglass, being in Corning NY (you know Corning Glass)  has a very nice medal…Mohawk-Hudson is just kind of typical, not bad, but not very interesting.

20101010_0092s WG3


I don’t often get all Ga-ga about medals, but darn it, the wineglass is really lovely, and so much nicer than the typical one.  Well…who knows.

So which one would you choose?  In the end I will probably choose the one the Coach chooses for me.  And given that Mohawk-Hudson is later, he will probably go for that.

After the Marathon I will need a bit of a break, so taking about a month to recover, swim, cycle and have some fun,

I do plan on going to Space Coast Half Marathon yet again.  But really this will be just for FUN.  The have of course upped the capacity, so it promises to be a very crowded course.  I was going to make it my marathon, until I saw the increased capacity.

And that is about It for racing…unless I really love the cycle…which I think is up in the air right now.

Hope to meet up with Coach next week to run this schedule by him.  He is going to say it’s too many races.  Grrrr.


14 thoughts on “Race Calendar- help me choose!

  1. Hard to beat Napa Valley in the spring, though we sometimes get a spate of rain at that time of year. Fog is also an issue, but this year it’s been too dry for fog to form—we’re all hoping that’ll change, but still, I won’t deny that it’s been nice to drive in the early mornings and not end up blinded by a wall of fog.

    Whatever happened to the Giant Hamster race? Did you decide to skip that?

  2. My vote is for the Wineglass race, simply because when I ran Seaside last year, I met several runners from that area who run it every year & raved about it. Looks like you have a fun 2014 planned!!!

    • You are doing Wineglass this year? Well…we have to have a momentary meet up. If and only if I am “allowed” to sign up, and registration has not closed yet. Where do you plan on staying? I’m a little nervous and am thinking that I will end up at M-H which is actually a great race in and of itself. so I can’t really lose.

  3. I live at the mid-point of the Wineglass. There are a couple of tricky “hills” but it really is a gorgeous race. Coming from FL later might be too cold. Good luck.

    • Well I’d be hoping for something between 38 and 50 degrees, which seems to be about what NY is in October from what I recall. Florida…isn’t always that warm! When I ran the Donna last year it was 28 degrees at the start! It must be something to live right by the actual course on the days coming up to the event and the race itself!

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