Week’s end wrap up

This wasn’t really my best week in training.  In fact, as one point, I actually almost cried a little with my coach.  BUT…I’m going to try to make this as positive and easy to read as possible!

I feel like a New Year’s Resolutioner.

I am so horribly out of shape and a bit over my normal weight, so I fit right in with everyone else who is currently crowding our gym! For the record, I really have no issues with resolutioners. I kind of hope they stick around and learn to love the fitness lifestyle.

I did several swims and you might have noted that even Florida got cold this week.


It was pretty darn cold.  My first swim coincided with the coldest day we’ve had all year, so I plunged into steaming water in 39 degree temps and actually thought I was quite the bad-ass. I swam a fairly fast mile, because there was some guy with flippers on chasing me.  (if you swim with flippers you are automatically gonna be faster than most without).

This was truly the high point of Bad-Assery this week, after my swim it just went down down down hill.

This week saw a return to strength training. This kind of demolished me.  I started with what I thought was kind of a wimpy superset of leg exercises.  I kind of scolded myself for not doing more.  The next day, I found I could barely walk.


I suppose it was a good workout. Sitting and standing were tough for the next 2-3 days.  My officemates are sedentary and think I am insane. Because I still don’t seem to Look like Barbie…they also see no value in what I do.  It’s hard to explain. I don’t even try anymore.  Does anyone else work in an office like that?


Here I am December 1, at the Space Coast Marathon/half, so you see I am indeed NOT Barbie.

Sooo…I went into a bit of a tempo run on Wednesday with some trepidation, and also some joy. I REALLY wanted to run.  I was able to take it slightly faster than my 10K PR pace,and it ended up feeling pretty good, but I knew I was sore.

Thursday I had a swim in the morning.  Wind whipping around, the heating in the pool wasn’t working too well, and I was the only one in the pool.  Something about it just didn’t sit right with me.  I’m a little tired of swimming in the dark.  In addition, legs were still feeling torn up.  All I could think about was sharks.  Ridiculous.  But true.   I confessed this to my coach, and now I’m a bit worried that he will put one of those small mechanical sharks in the pool sometime…. It would be like him, and it WOULD be hilarious, but I am afraid it might also scare me to pieces.

Thursday night we had a weights get together.  I was in my mood and he seemed tired, so it was a fairly focused quiet session. We worked for 30 minutes on technique, and about 30 minutes of trying to get me to learn the Turkish Get up…OMG Try it…you’ll either love it or hate it. I hate it right now, but I’m gonna learn it, then I’ll love it.

I think my coach demonstrates better.  My coach has been doing cross fit for a few months now.  I am starting to see a lot of cross fit style exercises creep into my stuff.  I’m definitely not into Cross-Fit as a “sport” but hopefully he is picking the exercises that make sense for me. We had some deep discussion about coaching there at the end. I really almost quit everything during December, it was so hard, and then I almost changed coaching.  I’m still frustrated at doing what seemed easy just 3 months ago and finding it hard.  But, I can see now why most New Years resolutioners just quit.  I’m pretty lucky to have my coach, even if sometimes..like this week, all the workouts just seem to lack any fun element.

Friday and Saturday ushered in moments of “Garmin Fail”  My garmin tracked my runs, but later when trying to look at the data it told me my last run was Wednesday.  I fiddled with it and finally in desperation deleted all the old data.  After that, my current runs came up, and on Sunday it wasn’t an issue.

Sunday I ran a very short run, and did a spin out on the cycle.

I feel like I put out good effort during the week.  My only wish would be that I would be allowed to sign up for the 10K that I want to do at the very least.



4 thoughts on “Week’s end wrap up

    • You know, I have a special plan just for Space Coast, space suit running!!! It is a great race, with lots of personality. This year they added in a huge medal and a series so it’s popularity is now “out of this world” I hope it doesn’t ruin what it used to be!

  1. I know all too well the feeling of standing/sitting after legs day. HAHA

    And the Turkish Get-up is one of my least favorite kettlebell exercises. Or maybe my absolute least favorite. I can’t decide. Either way, it’s evil.

    • Looks like I will be loving them, got the plan for the week yesterday and Bam, TGU’s all over it. THat and the deadlifts….I’m like, smacking my head wondering why I do these things.

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