Well, I finally bit the bicycle bullet.  With some patience and massive searching a good quality bicycle for a great price was discovered by a friend in Minnesota. For a few weeks there, it was an all out manhunt for a small road bike that wasn’t completely trashed.

7719056651105-2TIt is actually a bit more BIKE than I bargained for.  However…it’s a bike that will last as long as I want to ride and maintain it.  And it has resale value should I not want to ride and maintain it…always a possibility!

Most everyone I know is more excited than I am about this bike’s arrival.  I think it’s because they are good riders and do not know the actual terror that faces me when I get on the bike.  I admit, I am excited too.  I would LOVE to do triathlon in some form or fashion, and while this is not a Tri Bike, it is a bike that would work for most Tri’s.  I’m not that crazy, I think I’d use the road bike even for a 70.3….unless someone wanted to lend me a Tri bike.

So….looking forward to seeing it arrive and hoping for the very best with this.  It is certainly going to be a new experience.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be wobbling along both feet on the pedals with nothing broken to show for it.

When did you learn to ride a bike?  Do you even remember it?  What was the biggest challenge?



8 thoughts on “Bicycles

  1. Sam says:

    I used to love my bike, I learnt at 2-3 and used to do a lot of long distance cycles. The biggest challenge was balance I suppose. In that I used stabilisers at first.

  2. Vicki Carnahan Tracy says:

    The saying “it’s just like riding a bike” is for a reason. You never forget how to ride once you learn. Enjoy the ride!


  3. I am also looking for a decent road bike that won’t cost an arm and a leg! Right now I have a hybrid bike that I’ve used for sprint tris, but any father than that would be an issue. I’m hoping to get back into tri training soon. My dream is to do a 70.3 (my dream was a 140.6, but that might be pushing it). I’m slow in all three disciplines and hope with crossfit building my strength and consistent training (ha!) I can speed up. My weakest sport is the bike simply because I’m least comfortable with it. I learned to ride a bike when I was a kid and rode everywhere. As I got older (and gained all my weight) I stopped riding. When I got the pedals and shoes (they do help), I had to learn how to ride all over again. My comfort level is even lower now so I’m less inclined to ride. For some reason being attached to my bike scares me – guess that I’m older now and afraid of falling. Enjoy your rides!

    • I’m thinking 70.3 in Muncie Indiana…in 2015 or 2016, we shall see… you should join me, and yeah the bike, its a challenge. I’m not thinking of 140.6 YET.

      • My first 70.3 is going to be Redman in Oklahoma in 2015. It’s close enough to drive (so I don’t have to ship my bike) and there is a 17 hour cutoff for the half distance. Both half and full share the same course so they have to leave it open the full 17 hours. Because I’m slow, the notion of having a cutoff time adds all kinds of stress to me. I would rather do this and see what my time is than do one with the 8 hour cutoff and not be able to complete it.

  4. You had to go all the way to Minnesota to find a good bike? I will say, it’s hard to find a used bicycle that has all the features you want. My son is lucky in that he can take a bike in decent shape and customize it to his tastes. He has three of them for different conditions—a racing bike, a city mixte, and a road bike for his country rides. He grouses that most new bikes are overpriced and a lot of people end up dumping their expensive road or mountain bikes after a few years of sitting in the garage.

    I hope you enjoy your bike! You’ll have to write more about your rides. I’m really curious to hear how you like it.

    • I really had to look hard because I was on such a shoe string budget. Then I discovered I am short (oh my who knew!) So I was actually lucky to find this one in my price range and it is actually new from a store- just didn’t sell, and now that it’s the 2011 model and it’s 2014..they didn’t want it in inventory. But it was quite a process.

  5. One of the first gifts the manservant gave me was a bike – not very romantic LOL. But, I rode many miles around Sydney on it and when I moved here it came on my United flight with me! I still have it, 14 years later, but haven’t ridden in 4 or 5 years – might get it out in spring.

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