Win or Lose? Product review of WIN laundry detergent.

My Brother-in-Law has taken up running.  He’s pretty good.  A side benefit of this for me is that I am starting to get really super duper Awesome Christmas gifts from him.




One such gift was a small container of WIN sports laundry detergent.

THis is what WIN claims:

WIN Detergent is specially formulated to get persistent, sweaty smells out of the synthetic materials used in today’s workout apparel.

  • Synthetics are great because they wick moisture away from your skin.  But those same properties trap and hold onto oils.
  • Those oils bond to the fabric, and that’s where the stinky smell comes from.
  • WIN is optimized to break those bonds, removing the source of the smell and truly cleaning the garment.
  • The result is your gear not only smells great, but it works a lot better without all those oils in the way!

WIN is perfect for running & cycling gear, as well as soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, and other team uniforms.  It’s safe for all types of garments, although it’s optimized for synthetics.  We recommend washing on warm, and using tumble dry low or hanging to dry.



I have some race shirts that I am VERY fond of.  They are getting to be 3 years old, and it seemed no matter the amount of washing, I was unable to get the old sweaty smell out of there.  I tried Vinegar, baking soda, Tide Sport, Tide with Febreeze, Arm and Hammer and Purex.  Nada.  SO, when I opened this bottle of detergent on Christmas day…my interest was piqued.

I did my first load of laundry last week with WIN.  I threw in my worst offender, which is a shirt that I LOVE from a run for the Wounded Warriors.  It fits perfectly and is flattering.  I was quite eager to get it smelling great.

I poured the little cup of WIN into the washer.  It seemed runny and watery, so I was thinking that it may not be that awesome after all.

I washed it on warm but air dried as it’s always been recommended to me to air dry tech shirts.  When it came out of the washer, I did the sniff test.  I was thrilled, everything in the wash smelled completely only like wet clothing.  No huge perfume odor, just nothing.  So I hung the tech stuff up to dry.

THe next day I grabbed that Wounded Warrior shirt.  I sniffed it agian and found that at least one area suddenly smelled again like old sweat.  I wore it for my run because it was a 5 am and I knew no other soul would be smelling it.  When I removed it, ALL the bad odors were back.  (you may have realized that fresh sweat isn’t all that stinky, it’s the stuff that sits in your gym bag for 2-3 days that gets so funky.)

Since I had little desire to be wearing this patch…

images-1I pitched the shirt.  I did love it, but given that it wasn’t getting clean, or at least smelled pretty bad, I figured I’d learn to love another. (Lou Rawls, I indulged.)

So….I wasn’t thrilled with WIN.  Not at all.  I decided that the shirt was so old with so much ground in stink it wasn’t a fair test.  SO..I did another load of stinky workout clothes as a test.

On the second load the clothes came out smelling OK, even after drying. They did not smell super fabulous, nor did they look brighter or whiter.

SO my conclusion after using WIN twice is that it works about as well as any other detergent. It unfortunately does NOT work any better for my stinky athletic clothing than some of the more mainstream detergents, which was VERY disappointing to me- as I have lots of stinky tech clothing, and would love for it not to eventually get all perma-stench.

Based on the web site, WIN is apparently much more expensive than other detergents, so I’m fairly sure I’ll be sticking with Tide or Arm & Hammer.

As a Note:  if it were not already obvious, I received this product as a gift.  I am not compensated for this opinion.

Has anyone ever tried WIN?  What was your opinion?  What has your solution for super stinky workout clothing been?



6 thoughts on “Win or Lose? Product review of WIN laundry detergent.

  1. I have some tops that I wear to work which seem to trap perspiration like that. The only way to get the smell removed is by dry cleaning – that’s expensive though! I’ve never heard of Win – I guess I won’t be looking for it….

  2. Have you tried Nature’s Miracle in your laundry? I tried it since I use it to get various animal stains and smells out of the carpet and other fabrics and always have several hugs around the house. In the laundry I used it to get stinky dog smell out of fleece blankets (a similar concept of oils bonding to synthetic fibers). I poured a cup in with the load and put it on soak with warm water and left it for several hours (I got sidetracked with other things so you may not need to let it soak as long), then I added regular detergent and washed as usual. I’ve been doing this every time I wash the dog blankets and I also do this for my white gym socks. It seems to work pretty well. They also make an actual laundry detergent, but I haven’t tried that.

  3. I’ve never seen that before, but great review. We just recently tried Tide Sport and I LOVE it. I used to still have the bad smells even right after being washed, but I don’t notice it AT ALL anymore with the Tide Sport.

  4. Hello, I am sorry you had a poor experience with us. Where did you purchase your bottle of WIN? We have had a few older bottles from the previous management team make their way into various outlets such as Amazon, some of which is expired and provided by third parties. Please contact me at for more information. Hopefully we could remedy the issue with a newer bottle or more information about the product and uses.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you!

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