Short little Squee

I think I’ve been given permission to sign up for 2 races.

Squee! Hallelujah.

(Video from Youtube, in Honor of yesterday MLK day…this group carries on MLKs “dream”  It’s something that would NEVER have happened in 1960’s North Carolina, when people were actually having to get arrested for wanting to eat at Woolworth’s) NEWSFLASH folks. 1960 wasn’t that long ago.  We still have work to do.

OK back to running.

I asked for the billionth time if I could run the half marathon on April 7th.  I got back a pointed email pointing out my current distance, the need to build, and then the need to taper…in the end it was pointed out that it was not a good idea.  When spelled out like that, it did appear to be a BAD idea.

So I relented and looked around and realized that the Half also has a 10K.  Probably no one really runs the 10K…it’s kind of the poor forgotten but yet awesome distance.  I sent back a message saying how’s about the local 10K on March 1, and the California 10K on April 7th? No response…which is usually a yes.

For whatever silly reason.  I just wanna pin on a number and run a race. I’ll see him tonight, unless something goes funny and clarify at that time.  and then….Squee.  Time to buy some plane tickets!



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