End of week.

Happy Sunday everyone!

How has your week been?  Any awesome training?  Any Awesome events?

I regret to tell you all that my week of training was kind of regular, like always.  No events, Nothing particularly awesome.  I’m fighting a bit of a feeling of despair.


Because I am an adult, I know that this feeling comes and goes.  When smack in the middle of it though, it’s unpleasant and it is hard to believe that it will pass.  Plus, it’s a bit hard for others to understand.  Like, I’m really battling this out, and I come in the gym and my friend is there…she wants to complain about not getting a parking spot close to the door because of a soccer tournament. She is fired up about this, and I am like feeling like I am sinking into a mudpit of misery.  So I kind of kept to myself a lot.


So training.

So I am feeling lousy.  But the week was designed really well.  I could hug my coach (but I probably won’t…) Every time I would think “oh wow, I’m pretty sore, I don’t want to run when I’m this sore”  there was suddenly a swim on the workout.  It was like Ha ha ha, the workout was designed for me…(which duh, it was).

17.5 miles this week.  It seems like nothing but I admit that it has been somewhat draining on me.

2 swim sessions which adds in about 3 miles of swimming

and the Bike… about 54 bike miles total.

So since I am so down on myself…I need to recognize progress:

Tempo run on Wednesday…I know it should be on Tuesday so I can report “tempo tuesdays”  but whatever, my tempo is usually wednesdays.  I did not want to run it and found that I am capable of running below my 5K PR pace…(well for 2 miles).

FIrst speedwork session of the year.



Executed perfectly.  learned some new strength exercises.

Had a bit of fun cycling with a friend.

Hoping my persistent bad mood lifts soon…I have a feeling it may.




4 thoughts on “End of week.

  1. Hope your funk passes for you soon. I can relate – this past week I attributed my funk to the weather. I realize this is irrational and makes zero sense, but it actually makes me feel better. Heh!

    And it sounds like you have a fabulous coach who knows you well! Lucky gal!

  2. There must be something in the air. I was somewhat down this past week: no job prospects, a disagreement with a person who said in so many words that I’d never eat lunch in this town again, and a small injury that came about from my own carelessness. Still, as that quote says above, all this must pass. I hope your recent troubles dissipate like fog in warm sunshine. It’s hard to believe when you’re in the middle of them, but I think about past troubles I’ve struggled through and wonder why they even upset me so much back in their day. ((Hugs!)) Wishing you a better coming week and month!

  3. I can definitely relate. Sometimes in the thick of it you think it’ll never end and then poof! You feel better. I hope that comes soon. That’s awesome you have a custom built workout just for you. 🙂

  4. It sounds like the training is paying off. I always think that running is a good way to keep the black dog at bay. Except the one that wanted to jump on me last week!

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