Saying Goodbye

My Grandmother died yesterday.

My Mother (not her daughter) decided to inform my sister and I today.

My Mom does this for each funeral.  She kind of withholds until it makes it extremely difficult to get plane tickets.

When I spoke with her today she told me “we have no idea what we are doing…”  My Dad told me…”The funeral is on Friday.”

So.  I get paid days off work for bereavement.

I start looking for plane tickets.


To say Goodbye to my Grandma, I will end up spending well over 1000.00 USD.

It’s pretty horrible.  I hate to put a price on Grandma.  But WOW.

I do think my Dad would like to see me and my Mom too, but WOW.  WoW.

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I would say that is HUGELY excessive. There’s no need for them to charge that much. Did you ask about bereavement fares? My mom had to do that for my great-grandmother’s funeral about 10 or so years ago and was able to get a slightly discounted rate. Not sure if that helps…

    I’m really sorry for your loss. 😦

  2. I’m sorry about your grandmother, and the huge cost of flying out for her funeral. My mother used to do the same thing: when my paternal grandmother died, she dithered until the last possible minute to tell me. By the time I found out—and this was before the internet and online ticket search engines—I would have had to take an overnight direct flight to my hometown for almost the amount you paid in order to get to the funeral on time. So I told my mother, tearfully, that I couldn’t go. I was upset, but my younger daughter was just a baby and the older one was sick, plus we weren’t exactly rolling in money at the time—we’d just bought a house, and I’d quit my job to stay home with the kids.

    Anyway. It sounds like your mom is unwilling to take charge of things like that? I hope the trip and the funeral are as drama-free as possible for you. I heard about the dreadful weather in the South. Hope that doesn’t delay your flight.

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