sometimes decisions are made

for one.

After hemming and hawing about the expense of the plane ticket etc (i would have to rent a car, and do a hotel, because I am not staying in the same house with my creepy uncle.)  The decision was made for me in an instant.

All the flights I could even approach affording are routed through the area of the country that is experiencing Ice.  Flights are not getting in or out of those areas easily.  When I called one of the airlines to inquire about a bereavement flight, they were very helpful, and explained that I may not make it in any good time for a fast trip like this.

It was confirmed when my coach kind of explained that his wife is trapped in Atlanta, and unable to fly out to either home or to her other destination.

So I suppose my guilt is assuaged.  There is no way to really get there at this point in time.


2 thoughts on “sometimes decisions are made

  1. I think the Universe/Mother Nature has spoken. I know it’s hard not to be there for your grandmother’s funeral, but I’m kind of glad you’re not traveling in the horrible weather the southeast has been experiencing. I just heard from a friend who went to Atlanta for a conference and is now stuck at the airport with no hope of getting out of there until this weekend (if she’s lucky). She finally decided to check into a nearby hotel rather than sleep on an airport bench. (And you’re never really sleeping on those things—more like dozing off until the next PA announcement wakes you up.) Even then it was hard to get a shuttle to the hotel because the roads are so bad. So stay home, think of all the good memories of your grandmother, and be safe. 🙂

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