Runner opinions wanted.

Oh Catty alert!  This Post Is Entirely Catty, and not very nice but I just gotta say something…and this is my blog so it’s a good place to share right?  But I preface this with I KNOW THIS is CATTY.



I’ve joined a few different runner groups on Facebook.  You know…where we can all grouse about toenails, or speed work, etc.  I enjoy doing that.

Recently there a young lady started to post on the group.  She was posting a lot, so I noticed her.  She also kind of has the hallmarks of a new runner, I could tell by the questions she was asking.

She ran a half marathon recently and poster her time as 2 hours10 minutes.  That’s an OK time.  Nothing to really write home about.  I told her Congratulations!

Today… she posted that she ran a 5K in 17 min and 45 seconds.

If you are a runner, you know that is SMOKING fast.  And you also know that someone who runs a 5K in that amount of time should be posting about a 1:30 half marathon or a 1:50 at the least.

So being that I am a catty pain in the neck…I googled her race finish time for her half marathon.

2 hours 43 minutes.  So.  She isn’t running that fast.

I can tell she has not realized that race finish times are kind of public record.  I just cant figure out what the motivation is to lie about this.  Running kind of bites you in the ASS, if you lie about it.  you can talk about going fast and being strong, and then one day someone wants to run with you, so you had better have been fairly honest.

I am tempted to out her, except that seems too catty.  I’m tempted to email the group administrator and again that seems too catty.  I find this in a lot of ways HI-larious….because I can not see what someone gets from lying about times on Facebook!  I never post times good or bad, I just write that I finished and had a good race. (or that I had a bad race.) So amused and bemused by this.  Thing is if I do share, I will look like I’m being a jerk…. so wish I had someone to giggle with this over.


9 thoughts on “Runner opinions wanted.

  1. I will totally giggle with you over this!!! I know I’m not a “runner” but lying about anything like this makes you look like an idiot. I am a sprinter – I’ve NEVER been one for any long distance stuff, but even I know a 5k that fast isn’t realistic unless you have been at it for a reeaaalllly long time!

    You are NOT a jerk. The fact you think you might sound like one proves it. 🙂

    • Thanks Anne!!!! You are someone who understands running very well. I still feel like a Jerk, but I am SMH, why why why? and then I wonder why i bothered to google it?

      • I am right there with you – I would have Googled it too! Hahaha! I try not to be petty, but I am sometimes. And I’m OK with it. 😉

    • That is totally what I’m trying to figure out. I mean WHY? All you have to write is… “I finished my race and it was great! I did well!” or conversely something I’ve written in the past… “It just wasn’t my day”

  2. No words cause I’m truly LOL’ing. Leave her be. She knows she’s lying or at the very least grossly mis-stating the facts. She’s probably doing it to make up for something missing in her life. It’ll catch up with her…it always does. 🙂 I’m slow. I post slow times. I don’t care – I own it. She should too. #rantover

    • Like you Diana, I’m pretty slow. I’ve been running a LONG time. I have been pretty fast in the past, but that was a long time ago. Now, I understand the whole thing about adult sports is fitness and enjoyment, not always competition. A little competition sweetens the pot, but…I’m proud when I train, and I execute and whatever the results are they are MINE… I’m really tempted, but, I’m not quite mean enough.

  3. Ahaha, I love this post! I’ve seen this more times than I care to admit. I once fudged by one minutes when telling someone a finish time…I made sure to correct myself. God forbid!
    You are certainly not alone in your feelings. I wonder if they just do it to make themselves feel better?

    • It’s bizarre. I can totally see fudging by a minute or two. Especially when it isn’t an important race. I ran a lot of halves last year and I do not remember all my finish times. Luckily no one has asked about a finish time in a long time! I just can not see why it would matter, but I find it too funny to see her posting, “Thanks everyone” and I keep wondering if there isn’t just one other person in that group that hasn’t realized this is a bit fishy. I think it really made me annoyed because I really work for my times…

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