End of week, end of Month….

January certainly rushed right by.

The big event for me in January surely was saying goodbye to my Grandmother.  It was a sad and awkward event in many ways.  My Grandmother lived such a long and healthy life, I can only hope to do the same.  I am missing her, and I know that over time, I will have moments of sadness, but I have to admit, I know I’m lucky to have known her for so long.

Work in January was a whirlwind of making slides for the board of directors, again and again and again.  I learned alot about slides.  I also wrote the plan for the hospital, and did a risk analysis.  In between that, I attempted to promote hand hygiene, personal protective equipment compliance, the flu vaccine, and….study for the certification exam.  I am now half way through chapter 2.  Never gonna be ready for this, I think.


It doesn’t help that a lot of it is BORING and kind of not that relevant.  It’s like they give you a lot of information that is not critical and then only test the critical information….but you can’t tell what’s going to be on the test.  OK, moving on with my angst about that.

Training.  Seems to be going along well.

71 running miles

186 cycle miles

11 swimming miles.

Running is feeling easier than at the beginning of the month, which is an enormous weight from my chest. I was starting to worry a bit about rebuilding, as it started out very very hard.  elephant-paw-on-your-chest

(No More elephant on my chest).

This week had a few highlights.

1. I figured out how to use the treadmill to best advantage when doing a speed workout.  This is really going to help my speed workouts.

2. My Tempo Run was faster than usual, and at a pace I consider “tempo”  rather than a pace I would consider regular.

3. My Brick rocked.

4. My Massage actually seems to have corrected a huge 2 month issue, so that is AWESOME.

It also had some low lights.  noname-1-1

Swimming in terrible weather.  running more on the TM than I would have liked.

Curious about February.  It is a tough month at work, and I still seem to be catching up from January.


2 thoughts on “End of week, end of Month….

  1. Studying for the teacher’s certification exam felt a lot like that. The practice booklet made it seem a lot harder than it actually was, and there were some sections that weren’t even in the real test. I felt like I had wasted a lot of time studying things that weren’t relevant, certainly not interesting.

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