Studying blues

I’m still studying for this certification exam.

In January I made it through 2 chapters.  One that covered microbiology and disease processes, and the second one that covered Statistics and Hospital Acquired Infection Criteria.  The second chapter was easier as I know the HAI criteria, and I’ve had some classes in statistics, though really… Process control charts and the 10 different criteria for knowing when a process is “in”  or “out” of control…hard to memorize.

I need to move on to Sterile Processing.1526_Erasmus_in_Study_Albrecht_Durer

I am just finding it so difficult to absorb this HUGE amount of material in a short period of time.  There are Index cards ALL over the house.  I honestly can not keep the onset periods of all the different diseases straight, while also keeping in mind the various types of tailed tests and alpha levels…and then adding in chemical processing agents to sterilize, as well as discussion on how to benchmark and how to interface with Administration.  Lastly, they want me to have knowledge of Employee Health, which I do not do…but a lot of Infection Preventionists have this in their role.  No wonder I am pulling my hair out left and right. Oh yeah, and I forgot CONSTRUCTION.  I mean come on…what Registered Nurse is not well versed in Floor to deck barriers?

Construction Workers Looking at Roof


Yes, well…if that doesn’t give you an idea of the wide range of job duties, well…then you have an even more interesting job than I do.

I suspect deep down that I know enough to pass the exam, but…I don’t want to trust a hunch since it costs so much to sit for it. In addition, they tell you right at the testing center if you passed or not, so I am imagining one humiliating moment when I sit for the test and fail.  The testing center is 60 miles away, and the second closest is 97, so it’s not like I would return to a different center.  UGH.

Still I am starting to feel such annoyance at the whole process…I am thinking of just getting it done  in March, so that maybe April can be enjoyed unencumbered.  I have a California trip planned in April, and I want it to be FUN.


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