More Hell, Less Paradise.

This is a weekly training wrap up, but it does involve some work talk too.  My coach has really taught me that everything that goes on in my life affects my training, and looking at it that way has helped me to manage some of the problematic effects that jobs and relationships have on training.

SO work.  SUCKS!

This week I am continuing to deal with a person who will not play nice in the sandbox.Playing-Nice-in-the-Sandbox

I am getting ready for a HUGE deal regulatory visit.  I need to know if this department has competencies in certain areas.  The manager is not responding to my emails, will not set appointments with me etc.  Frankly speaking, she can fall under the bus, I do not care…but the organization can’t and I am responsible for this.  I finally managed to pass the issue beyond my manager who was entirely ineffective at getting anything done.  I feel a bit better that the issue is passed, but I won’t feel 100% better until it is resolved and we “pass” our Mock regulatory visit in March.

On top of that, I took a shortcut in my own work for a few months.  It doesn’t affect anything regulatory or the hospital at all. The only thing it did, which shortcuts or workarounds  tend to do, is create a lot of work for me on the back end when I wanted to grab some statistics.  So on Friday, I spent a good part of the day apologizing to ME.  I am actually quite forgiving though and am just pleased that I managed to untangle my own small mess.

So this week at work exhausted me entirely. not great for training.


Swimming  3 swims. Only 6000 over the week.  one speed workout in the pool…which went OK, but apparently it precipitated some breathing issues for me.  Anyone else run/swim/cycle with asthma? Singulair works pretty good for me, but I had run out.

About 2.5 hours on the bike.  maybe 40 miles. I am not sure.  The bike did not play much of a role this week.  2 cycles were just easy spinouts after running.

Running about 23 miles of running.

Highlight was my Short “tempo run”  really I am just running a short distance hard, You can listen to Mr. McGee explain tempo run here…

I nailed the pace and felt great.

Low light was the next day’s speed work.  I had mile repeats.

I’m not the only one.

Otherwise all went pretty ok, not great it was about a C to C+ week.

I am now 14 days out from a 10K.

Other highlights of the week:

I registered for the Space Coast Half Marathon…which sold out in 1.3 days.  And I am SO excited to run it. I basically know 90% of the people, so it will be a party run.

So work..I must conquer the work beast.



4 thoughts on “More Hell, Less Paradise.

  1. Oh, yes it affects every aspect of our life when something unpleasant or stressful is happening at work. I had a similar experience recently where I *really* needed answers for compliance matters and the person with the answers totally ignored emails and voicemails. I got myself all stressed out so I was almost in tears both in and out of the office. I became really frustrated with myself because although I was responsible for getting the information into the compliance office I was not the lead person who’d ultimately be held accountable for it not being there. I find it really hard to just step back though and say “not my problem” …. wish I could *not* care because then life would be much simpler.

    • You just made me feel a lot better! Glad I am not the only one with the compliance blues. It was enough to make me want to go work at construction except of course I have no construction skills…

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