Blurgh…sick week update


This week was a rest week in training.  It was an entire disaster at work, with many nasty surprises occurring. And in the end it was just OK.

Monday I had trouble getting up so only had time for the first half of my workout a 1500 yard swim.  As luck would have it…my massage therapists office was undergoing renovation. He forgot to cancel, but we did cancel and I had time to run my one mile on the treadmill, due to heat and laziness.  It felt weird.  I felt strange.  I assumed it was because I had gotten dreaded news on monday.



Our hospital has been selected for Validation.  This is kind of equivalent of being selected randomly for an IRS tax audit.  You don’t think you have done anything wrong, but when processing data, it is pretty easy to make one or two small mistakes.  So  my stomach was churning and I felt that day already like I had been through a wringer…

through-the-wringerThe only saving grace of Monday was that one coaching moment. I shared with him my Validation situation.  He looked at me and didn’t say anything, but we had that moment, where I knew he understood the level of stress I was feeling.  It was one of those moments that are rare in life. Someone who meets you at your level…doesn’t offer any sort of solution/help/reassurance, but it just there with you in that moment.  It really helped me process through it.

I got through tuesday at work.  PM workout was swim 1500 and run 2.  On the two mile run my legs hurt.  I had to take a few walk breaks which is rare for a 2 miler.  I just chalked it up to missed massage, and the immense pressure cooker called work.

Wednesday was a simple weights workout.  I struggled through it. Did not want to do it…Again I figured it was super stress.

Thursday: Speed workout.  I had a successful workout, but it was slower than normal. Again I figured it was stress.  I had an opportunity that day to run through the Validation process with an expert so I started to feel better about it.

Friday: I started to actually feel dizzy and funny at work. I noted that the secretary had “severe cold” medicine on her desk.  She always claims she is having allergies…but she was ill…and now I was noticeably ill as well.

Saw the coach and he told me to take the day off.  Feeling like I did…I whined a bit…which he doesn’t tolerate well.

Spent the weekend dragging myself out of Bed for Princess patrol at Disney.  OMG…

Hoping this next week will bring better things.



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