Loose ends

I was going to write an end of week summary but to be honest, my week was a blur of work and sickness.  There just wasn’t much to write home about.  The illness really threw me for a loop and kind of got my carefully balanced schedules all out of whack.

I do it seems have a lot of loose ends swirling about. So forgive me, as I indulge in processing them!

Work for the next week should be better.  I have finished up all my Joint Commission stuff.  This is one of those projects where at some point a person just has to stop.  I could have worked on that notebook forever and ever.  I’m not confident that it will go OK with the Mock Survey, but if it doesn’t at least after the mock, I will know what to work on.

Tomorrow the head guy from the large hospital system is coming out to visit.  He is a great guy.  So much so that I am baking him a Pie.  Well.  Marie Callendar made the pie, but it is currently in my oven baking.  He has a huge sweet tooth.  I need his help but I am unsure of what even to ask him, so we’ll see how that goes.

In addition, I think I will have time FINALLY tomorrow morning to really really work on the Validation stuff which will help me greatly.

This weekend in addition to running my race, I worked for about 6 hours writing a personal statement for an Infection Prevention Fellowship.  I am kind of ambivalent about it.  I want it because it would provide travel and mentorship and support…but I also look at it and see MORE WORK.   Most amusing part of the weekend was reading bunches of example personal statements and realizing that people don’t write “good.”  Check these out. Since when has it been acceptable to start a sentence with And, or But?  Another charmer opened with the statement, “When I first study medicine I learned it…”   And not only that but Sample statement 11 and Sample Statement 3 are the exact same personal statement with a differing first paragraph.  Better not use the example of learning to play the violin…even you do play the violin! These are the ones selected as compelling!  So…After some major work I had composed a statement of 900 words.  I pared it to 345.

So Training.  I love to train but the last 2 weeks have been very strange.  2 weeks ago I was too sick to do any of my long training and this week I remained sick and also had a taper for my race.  So my head feels unfocused.  In addition, I have not gotten my coaching plan.  I got a quick email late afternoon asking how the race went but nothing since.  So, I’m awaiting that.

I have high hopes to find new joy in training this week and also to tie up some of the major stressors at work this week.

Wish me luck!


Sorry no graphics in the post or anything fun…but rest assured, take a peek at those personal statements..you will be laughing for hours.


5 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Morning.. In times when my thoughts chase each other to what seems no purpose.. I look to the strength of trees.. clouds.. where social confusion is left to a circle meaningless.. I remember ‘Ten Years After’.. great song.. ‘Change the World’.. I lose as much ‘blame’ as I can.. to simply see.. Peace Sister.. Tony

  2. Well…as an English teacher I have to smile at your examples. As a human being, I try to be tolerant about those sort of mistakes. People are often stressed and in a hurry when they’re writing these sort of statements: they just want to get them over with so they can submit the reports to you and go home for the weekend or evening.

    I sometimes begin a sentence with “And” or “But.” When I’m using informal writing, to be sure—I’d never submit a formal report with those sort of mistakes. I think of writing as an art: with experience and depending on what might sound “right” in the context, I occasionally break rules to be creative. But yeah [oops, bad grammar here], the very least these professionals can do is stay within the same tense in a sentence.

    Hope your’re feeling better. It seems a shame to be sick when you’re training for a race.

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