Week of Winnish-ness.

So this week, compared to the last two was a total WEEK OF WIN!!!!  (Plus I learned some lessons.)


I got my application for the Infection Prevention Fellowship completed before the deadline.  While that was kind of a pain in the neck, I am glad it is done.  I don’t care if I get it or don’t, but having to apply and having that hang over my head was killing me.

I also got our validation situation essentially figured out.  I spent some more quality time with our QIO and I got lots of reassurance on how to deal with my validation concerns.

Tomorrow “fake” Joint Commission comes and will do a Mock survey of our hospital.  Several people in my office are nervous.  I am just SO GLAD that it is finally coming so we can get it done, learn what deficiencies are perceived and fix them before the real survey.  This sounds terrible, but let me remind everyone, a lot of those deficiencies in no way affect health care.  Lots of them are really small nit-picky things.

So as far as work goes, I was feeling less stressed this week, which was a great thing.

Training also went better.  Week of win, see!

Just a little island music to celebrate the Winner man of all time.  (NOw the best part of this video is when he corrects the crowd and says-  “Now don’t say Weiner man…”

I started on Monday really not wanting to do my workout. I almost did not do it at all, because I felt still kind of sick or something.  I had appointments up until 7 pm though so I simply forced myself to do the workout.  Funny thing about this one is that this is the workout I LOVE.  This week, nope.   Actually turned out to be a good one.

All the workouts were fantastic this week.  I was the model coach-ee.

I didn’t really interact much with the coach, but…I really executed exactly what was asked of me.  Nothing half way or nothing adjusted. I do completely trust my coach.  It disturbs most people.  People on the outside have suggested that I train too much and race too little.  I frankly look at their results, so far not as good as my coach.  People have also suggested that our coaching relationship is a bit weird.  Well, yeah, but thats what makes it awesome right?

My lesson of the week was at Pig on the Pond.  I won an entry to a 5K and my coach said yes.  So I ran it…a few days after my speed work. My legs were tired.

He told me not to race it.  Well. My legs were so tired it was all I could do to actually keep going. I discovered that I really didn’t LIKE pushing my legs just a day after a Yasso 800 speed workout. I was very disappointed when I saw my time which was not that bad, but well over my usual 5K time.  THEN after the race I still had to run more miles and bike.  He has always warned me about running too many races.  I think my lesson learned is that if I am not reasonably ready for a race (rested, prepared etc) I shouldn’t do it.  For my efforts I got a plastic pig medal.  I admit, I had a great time with friends after- we went and hung out at Panera and I loved that aspect.  But the lesson of not racing everything really hit home…especially on Sunday.

Sunday I had to do a long run of only 7.5 miles Really that isn’t even mid-distance.  Still my legs felt trashed.  It was a slow long, and I had lots of time to think.  I’m going to try to avoid racing- especially short races which really require more “PUSH” from the get go.

How many of you run races as training runs?  DO they typically include speedy races such as 5 or 10K?  Or is it more the half marathon?  How do you feel after these runs? Do you like the racing aspect that much that it’s worth it?

Cheers to the new week, may it be filled with WIN for everyone!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvbqL2Wfkeo  Just a little island music to celebrate the Winner man of all time.  (NOw the best part of this video is when he corrects the crowd and says-  “Now don’t say Weiner man…”


3 thoughts on “Week of Winnish-ness.

  1. Good luck on taking that exam when the time comes. I know how that sort of thing can hang over you like a dark cloud and make everything else feel a huge burden.

    I can’t speak for training-but-not-racing, but I can say that I don’t entirely expect I will ever get a black belt in karate, even if I trained daily with a master sensei. That seems too distant, a goal I haven’t quite envisioned yet. I do keep chugging along with classes and practice, however. Yes, it’s to make me a better karate practitioner. Sure, I’ll probably move up to the next belt level. But does it always have to be about winning a race?

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