Through the wringer.

Wow what a work week.

It finally arrived…the week of the fake regulatory inspection.

I had been dreading this for months, possibly even for a year.  I had been preparing, but after a certain point, you just have to do it…

Monday I went and did my workout and showed up to work…almost late. I had forgotten my ID badge.  I don’t normally do this as the badge is the key to getting paid, getting food at the cafeteria, and to moving around the hospital.  Without it, you are not paid, you can’t eat and you are really limited to where you can go without setting off alarms.  On top of that, it would be something inspectors look for.  Right?

We all went up to the meeting room right at 08:30 and were presented with a list of documents that the inspectors wanted to see.  My “interview” was tuesday.  I think the inspector did kind of like me.  He asked if I wanted to tag along to the OR.  So I did briefly, but kind of spun off right as he got started with the observing time outs and things that do not concern me.  I then got right to work on getting all my documents together.  Thanks to my Very annoying boss…this was an easy task.



So score one for the boss.

When it finally came time for the interview she came along with me.  She really did not need to but that’s how she is..Annoying.

She didn’t talk at all, but what she did do was make phone calls- jillions of them.  The calls indicated where we were headed who we were going to talk to next.  It started out well for me with my annual reports.  He initially looked at me and asked, “did you make the reports?”  I stuck to the Yes/No answers al the while thinking… “who the hell else would do such a thing here?”  Luckily he liked them.  He then looked at my new 2014 risk assessment and plan and asked me a few pointed questions.  Again I got the answers correct. He was then very complimentary.  Asked me some questions that really got me going and worried but then he backed off of them.  We then sailed down to the education office to see what type of HAI education is provided regularly.  The education lady panicked with him, and it just kept getting worse.  We asked her to show some net learning and she got so nervous she couldn’t get the modules open.  All the while her voice kept getting louder and louder.  So…from there…we checked out an isolation patient, and interviewed housekeeping.  Housekeeper was a ROCK STAR.  Nurse…well, lets just say I pray to Jesus she is not working when the real Regulatory Visit occurs.  I did learn alot about what the nurses do not know.  We then checked out another isolation room in the ICU, where I got a high five for the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia prevention bundles.  It’s sort of funny cause I didn’t invent them nor do I monitor them, but…they are there.  The nurse was a rock star there.   At that point our tracer ran into a medication tracer, and all inspectors and such collided.  Our inspector looked at me and said lets go to HR.  I had no idea why but I said, OK.   In HR he traced back the fit testing of the respiratory masks in employee health.  And with that, BAM.  My time was DONE.  My Boss actually hugged me…and told me I did well.  I had no idea.

I had to go do a terrifically long and not so fun workout afterwards…whoa so exhausted.

The next day we had the big summation.  There were many issues.  This is why we pay them.  I was not sure what to expect.  My inspector went second so I had to listen through a lot of things, and I was quite worried.  It’s on thing to have an inspector tell me “Hey fix that process” It’s quite another to sit in a room of your peers and the Senior Leadership of an organization and have the inspector say, “Your Nurse X needs to fix the process…”  Oddly…instead of the fix the process statement, the inspector started by saying, So…”Infection Control”  and a big pause.  I was so ready to hurl.  He then said, well, it’s a broad topic.  Lots of great stuff.  The best of it was the flu plan.  It contians so much that shows exactly how you plan on acheiving the JC goals.  I started to breathe again. I actually was a bit concerned when he said, “the best of it was the flu plan”  because I do not think my flu plan is all that Hot…but it’s better than a lot.  He then said, Well, i usually have 3 pages but thats all I have so Kudos to “mizunogirl”  she’s really taken care of the hospital.

Yes.  My 15 minutes of fame.




The next day I came in to work to find multiple congratulatory emails from coworkers who had been in the summation and Senior leadership. So Whoo!

After that I started to feel a confidence I had not felt before and I felt so relaxed…I mean I guess I’d been prepping for this for well over a year…and wow now it is done…for a while.

Of course… Any time you totally relax and get a little proud… You know…

God kind of reminds us of just how tiny we are and how we are really in his hands.  One of my nicer qualities is that I do generally recognize God working in my life, and in the past few days I had really been praying and celebrating God for his help when I had been really struggling with the preparations.  But Still…I was feeling a bit heady.

Today my boss came back and asked in a quavering voice about urinary tract infections…

I looked and looked and discovered indeed I had forgotten to do something about a month ago.  I immediately felt my heart sink again in to my chest.  She looked at me and kindly explained that it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it was…

So yeah.  where am I tonight?  I’m still thrilled that things went well with the inspection – at least on my end…

But…I know who to really thank…



(And yes, I am going to get my Annoying boss lady something very sweet and pretty this weekend!)


5 thoughts on “Through the wringer.

  1. Son in law is a quality supervisor in food production and he has the same experience, having to tell the bosses they are doing things wrong. It is a thankless job and no one appreciates how uncomfortable the position is, but everything else hangs off it. Thank heavens for people like you!

    • I can not even imagine the pressure of the food quality supervisor. Anytime there is a chicken recall for salmonella it hits the news. Tell him I appreciate him! I sure do know how it feels. What was funny was that several things I had warned about and people had ignored were parts of the findings, so…I felt a bit vindicated, but…my lapse with one thing that i noted after….really has just put me down to the “right peg” Whew. relaxing quite a bit!

  2. Congratulations! I know what it’s like to have to depend on everyone on the staff doing their part and getting it right, however. It can be nerve-wracking, especially when you discover some people are poorly prepared. It sounds like everyone and everything fell into place for you…even your boss!

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