Training week….

This was a bit of a build week…or at least it was supposed to be.  The mileage was almost identical to last week, but there was something more challenging about it anyway.

Monday was an easy swim and run day.  I am STILL not adjusted to Daylight savings time.

So I swam but when looking outside, I admit I was a bit creeped out by how dark it was.

darknessSo, since it was only 2 miles…I used the treadmill.  Not a real TM fan so this wasn’t that fun, plus if one wants to be real whiney…I was chilly and cold from the pool.  just not the best.

Tuesday was my Moment in being coachable.  If you read my last post you know that the big dealio inspection-y thing was going on all week at work, so my workouts were kind of messed up.  I tried to get up and do my 4.5 miler in the morning, but oddly my garmin refused to find satellites. By the time I realized it wasn’t going to really function, I attempted another treadmill run.  After running about a half a mile, I calculated that I did not have enough time to complete 4.5 on the mill, so I got off and did my weights workout.  I then went to work…had a stressful day and by the time I got done with work, I had this idea…I could do Wednesdays work out which looked much easier, and then run the 4.5 miler on Wednesday.  I ran this by the coach, 100% sure he would in his usual way, shrug his shoulders and say Go for it.  Yeah…sometimes he’s a little hard to predict.  He looked at me and said, well, it isn’t ideal….big pause.  We chatted some more and I then found myself running the 4.5 miles.  It was hot and very dry, and I admit I did not love it.  Lots of hills…



It was sort of a funny moment.  Coach told me I was incredibly uncoachable, rolled is eyes, all while smiling, and saying I was too stubborn.  It’s a funny thing, because I think of myself as completely malleable, so Guess I have somethings to work on?

Wednesday was a much more fun workout, as anticipated, tiny little brick before work.

Thursday was speedwork.  I am not going as fast as I used to on the 800’s  but…I am doing them.  I ended up doing an extra 800 because at the tail end of the 6th one, I just quit.  So plus one for perseverance.

I decided to do the 6th properly.  What a workout.  Very glad when it was over.  It’s almost like a purge, as I sweat buckets.

Friday I had a long swim.  The pool right now is really dominated by Tri-teams, so I had to get it done in the morning.  Cold front.  3000 yards.  Not fun, got it done.  that swim just keeps getting longer.  Need a new swim suit, the one given to me by my sister at Christmas is almost see through in the butt now….hmmm.

Saturday as is customary, I did another brick.  Bike and run.  It went OK, my legs are just kind of tired and my calves were burning.

I know, cheese metal, sorry…it fit the run….

I then proceeded to go shopping at the outlets all afternoon.  EXHAUSTING.  Got a good deal on bras, and on the Vera Bradley stuff for the Infection Control fair. By the end of our trip my legs were BURNING again.  I sat down, and drank a ton of water.  It seemed with each sip, the legs got better.  I suppose I really need to watch for dehydration.

This morning I awoke…not really thrilled about running 8.5.  But it also hasn’t that big of a deal.  I went out and did it.  Not too slow not at all fast.

This was a miles increase week, kinda.  I am hoping that the next week will be a bit of a rest week, but…I won’t know until that email drops!

And I’ll be doing my best to be coachable…..

I think.  Guess I need to clarify what would make me more so…



We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not anywhere near being allowed to look at marathons.  Sadness. But I think most likely I plan on Jax Bank or Tally as the options.



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