Oh wow long absence

So I have been gone missing for almost 2 weeks.  Really no big deal anyway.  My logic board in my computer stopped working.  I don’t think I had ever been quite so sad in a long time.  I am a pretty active social media person, so  of course I missed that, but I was also in the process of updating some things and such, so trying to do any kind of comparison shopping on my tiny teeny iPhone was just not great.

So I went for a week using just the phone and finally got the computer to the Apple Store.  There they realized my disappointment and tried to ply my love with a Free Case for the lap top.  I was actually so disappointed I just said, no thanks, gave them 250.00 and my computer.  Lo and Behold.  After a few phone calls to check on my product, it was returned to me today.  That was GOOD, fast service.  When I pulled out my computer, I discovered actually in looking at it, that this really was not the computer I left.  They replaced everything- the battery, the logic board, the top case (because it was scratched huh?)  the bottom case (damage they said), the optical display and the keyboard.  So I am kind of left wondering exactly what part of the computer is my old one.  At any rate, I am very pleased with the speedy service.  If the thing fails again…different story.

So that is where I have been.  Some really neat stuff has happened, but for now…I’m still reveling in the fact that I actually can do the online swim suit shopping I wanted to do…and so on and so forth.



4 thoughts on “Oh wow long absence

    • Well, it was out of warranty. When I look at all that they fixed for 250.00 that was a steal. A few people have pointed out that there is nothing left for them to replace after I read the list. My top case had a few distinctive marks…which of course are gone. I really believe they sent me a different, refurbished computer…which I will be valiently trying not to muck up with sticky items…

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