Great Race news!

So…while my laptop was in the shop of course all sorts of things occurred.

One of the most exciting was that I got my marathon sponsored by Pace Per Mile!

Pace Per Mile Podcast has been running several very wonderful giveaways on Facebook including the opportunity to list a race you want to run and get a free entry for it.

I really like the Pace Per Mile Podcasts as well.  It’s a great place to hit up for running in the news, tips and also race reviews that are usually pretty comprehensive.


It was super duper exciting to see that I had won.  We laughed as I had listed Jacksonville Bank Marathon as my race of choice.  Jacksonville Bank is a super great race, it is unique as it is so late in the year that if one runs a Boston Qualifer at that race, one qualifies for 2 years.  It’s flat, has a sensible time limit, and is, in my mind….a runner’s race.  (Yes all races are runner’s races, but some are more like costume parades).  Thing is Jax Bank…well, it’s also a very inexpensive one, usually around 55.00 USD. So we all joked that I should have asked for a Disney Bib.

I hemmed and hawed and finally told the coach about this great surprise.  He first looked at me and then said, “Well I had been wanting to plan with you what the BIG race of the season would be…” He liked it as it is pretty far out, and that I’ve been running in Jax before so I am vaguely familiar with it.


I started the email exchange with PPM and am really excited about representing them as they are giving me the opportunity to race!  Even if it isn’t the most expensive race out there, it is one I wanted to do, so nice to experience it this way, and especially from a company that I respect!!!!



6 thoughts on “Great Race news!

    • I don’t know. I got an email a while back asking my shirt size. it could be for a PPM shirt or it could be because they are registering me, as soon as the race registration opens…either way…I’m pleased and will be promoting as much as I can!

  1. That’s really great – congrats! I’ve been wanted to go to Jacksonville for a while. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to plan a business trip there in the future.

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