Rest Week Wrap Up…Load of lessons.

So this was a piddly little rest week.


All I did was actually rest and work.  LOADS of work.  My job…well, lets just say my Job is insane.

I did 30 miles total this week.  Run, Cycle, Swim.  My last two weeks were respectively 65 and 56.

Feel sort of sludgy.

Anyway.  So Monday was a rest day.  All I did was sleep late, and go foam roll.  I was supposed to have a massage but massage guy cancelled.  I hate when he does this but every time he does…I put that money into my retirement savings.  00120065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-075e-0000-0000-000000000000_20130306001943_nestegg

I do hope someday to retire and as early as possible actually but I did not really save appropriately.  So I have about a year’s salary saved.  Yeah.  Massage guy needs to cancel more often.

This week, being a rest week, my coach recommended I try to sleep late and do workouts in the afternoon when I could.  So I asked a friend of mine along for a short 2 miler.  We then picked up one of the local Doctors and suddenly my friend made it into a race.  What should have been a pretty easy run turned into a bit of torture.  She and the poor hapless MD ran in front of me.  He tried to kind of stay in between us, but she was intent on essentially running as fast as possible.  I realized this was a bait thing and decided to walk instead of trying to play race.  On the way back, she shouted out to a poor lady pushing a kid in a stroller that I wanted a ride.  By that time I was done.


I finished up and she was all grins and talking about what a great run she had.  I was feeling completely left behind.  Poor Dr. B. was as nice as could be and I’d like to run with him again.  I realized her obnoxiousness had a lot to do with the fact that she did win the workout, and yep she totally won it.  But, she didn’t win gracefully, nor was she actually a friend.  So…I need to seek out people who build me up, not tear me down to build themselves up.  It’s a funny thing.  I think isn’t just in sport, but in anything. It’s a real lesson to learn to.  I decided to respond with LOVE, and to build this person up as much as possible.  Certainly it is something that has been tried before and successfully .  My coach also reminded me to look for the traits that are so irritating in myself…as that may be why I dislike them so much, I see them in me.  I would agree that I also at times suffer from the same affliction.

Wednesday was a small brick day.

Thursday I did a tiny speed workout.  After my first interval I realized with some alarm that I had chosen a treadmill next to one of the aides from the hospital.  She was walking along and studying at the same time.  I did my run, which was tough, and finished up and greeted her.  She proclaimed her AWE at this TM workout.  I smiled at her, and told her how I had started out this journey years ago by walking.  We talked about how hard it can be to lose weight and how it feels in the gym to be the not so fit one.  (She has some baby weight to lose).  I HOPE that I encouraged her, rather than discouraged her.


I also have done some weights workouts and more swimming in there.  Over all it was a great week of rest.  I did get very off schedule which is unfortunate.

Work has been crazier and crazier.  Lucky me, my Manager took last week off, and oddly, with her gone, I got SO MUCH WORK DONE.  Dunno why.  But I did, probably because I didn’t have as much noise and distraction in the office.  I have 3 days in office to wrap up before vacation, and I am praying I get it all together.

So big lesson of the week is to build up and encourage others, even others who have not been encouraging to you!  Have you ever tried this approach?  How did it work out for you?

Well,  here’s kid president….We’ve seen this before…but it’s still great.



2 thoughts on “Rest Week Wrap Up…Load of lessons.

  1. I love reading your blog. Your writing makes the events come to life. I particularly like the comment about the massage guy needing to cancel more often. hahahaha 😀

    • Thanks Diana!!!!! I just got my weekly coaching email and the funny part of it was my coach telling me to have a good time and that from my description he almost felt like he was going there with me. I may have missed my calling…My Dad certainly thinks so.

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