An open letter to the guy running in a Blue shirt and black shorts

Wow, I just revisited this post. I was training at the time for my first half marathon. Reading the post, I realize that I have actually become that person I hoped I could. Had a ton of bumps in the road, but, run for 2-3 hours with a regular pace…yeah. i can do it! YAY ME!

Mizunogirl's Blog

in Wilmington NC on 17th street this morning.

I saw you heading down 17th street about 9:30 this morning when I went to get breakfast.You were wearing a fuel belt, and I thought, “Ahhh, it’s someone with a regular work schedule out for a regular long run”

You had great form

you seemed to be going along at a nice even pace

You seemed relaxed.

I felt a little jealous.

I ate breakfast. I addressed my Gradparents Holiday gifts and sent them. I sent off 2 more cards. I went to the cash machine. I myself went to the gym. Chatted with the ladies in the locker room. I ran 4 miles in a rather grumpy fashion because my body was crying out for mercy from the training session yesterday.During my run , I questioned my entire existance asI was having a hard time holdin myself up (core is very…

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