So, I’ve been a rather bad blogger as of late.  I have the excuse of having just completed a whirlwind trip to California, for tourism, a race and seeing an old friend.  It was a pretty great trip.

So I thought I’d break it apart a bit and show some photos of each little section.  Tonight I have time to write the shortest one….The Schulz museum.  Charles M. Schulz the creator of the wildly popular Peanuts comic strip has a museum and research center dedicated to him and his work.

Schulz had an amazing gift for capturing complex emotions in a simple way.  I do not think I have ever met anyone who has said they don’t enjoy seeing Snoopy, or Charlie brown or Lucy.

The museum is a whimsical look back at the past.


Large 3D statues of the characters are placed strategically through the museum, as well as some real art that was created by a Japanese artist using a Peanuts theme.

Much of the exhibit space is taken up with large size versions of the comics.  There are several discussions of introductions of new characters, and also the development of the popular television shows such as, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”  etc.

Everything is tastefully done, and I felt that I got an idea of how this man lived as well as his immense wealth.noname-4

While living in Santa Rosa, CA, Schulz decided to build an ice rink as he loved ice hockey.  The rink serves the community and was a great way for him to give back.  He also built a cafe aptly named “The Warm Puppy”  which apparently he frequented.  I had to admit, as I looked over his work and read about how he conducted his work, I felt a twinge of jealousy.  It seemed a very peaceful job!

This is not an enormous museum.  It’s worth a stop if you are a big Peanuts fan.  If you are a passing peanuts fan, it may capture your imagination, or it may leave you flat.

But really who does not love Snoopy?



4 thoughts on “Peanuts!

  1. I’ve never been to this museum, though I have visited the skating rink in Santa Rosa. With the warm weather they get out there, it seems so unlikely to find a place like that, but the community does appreciate it. It serves a lot of kids who would otherwise never get to experience ice skating. (Which seems so odd to this ex-Minnesotan. Charles Schultz was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I’m very familiar with his background. I used to drive by the barbershop where his father worked for many years.)

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