Training Week Wrap Up.

30 weeks of Marathon training.

This was a particularly challenging training week.  The workouts weren’t that bad, but I guess situationally they were.

Monday: I was still in San Francisco. noname-10

Yep.  We went to the famous spot.  At that point I was kind of losing my patience with my host. It was a very warm day in San Francisco, and we were driving about looking at the sights.  I had requested a visit to the Japanese Tea Gardens, but apparently this did not interest him because I got a “we can drive by it”  when we did, I really really wanted to go see more, but alas, that for whatever reason wasn’t to happen.  But Haight Ashbury did, which was cool.  Back in the day, I went to a lot of Grateful Dead shows.  My host was surprised that I wasn’t still really “into” the Dead, but you know…we all have to grow up.  Even…

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