Job post.

So…will do a training wrap up.  But I want to write a post about work.

Work has become an incredible pressure cooker.

I have the certification exam to take.  I have a mild interest in the exam.


But having mild interest, is not really enough to make me want to study like a maniac.  I have decided to take the exam at the end of May because frankly, I’m sick of it.  If I fail then I have 90 days to retake. I do not care if I fail too much, the exam is tough and there are alot of questions, but there are not a lot of substitute questions so if I fail once, I am bound to succeed the second time having seen the exam.

We were randomly selected for HealthCare Acquired infections reporting (as well as core measures reporting) by the Centers for medicare/Medicaid services.  This has turned into an enormous nightmare for me.

I have been working on it since February.  On Friday I submitted the last of the templates. I just checked my email and it seems that there was a big error in which my discharge date was listed as before the patients birthdate, which makes me a bit nervous. I hate making a mistake.  THis most likely means I accidently listed the patient Birthday as 2013…since that is the date the template is for.  None of these people had a birthday of 2013.  They were more likely 1910.

After I correct that and resubmit it, I move on to Surgical Site Infections, and Annual Health Care worker vaccination reporting.

If this is found to be incorrect by CMS they will take some money from our hospital.  At first, I was kind of like, OK…no problem.  Then I discovered the rules.  Well.  They are not the same ones given to us by the CDC.  So. One wonders.

We have rules like this.

“If more than one NHSN operative procedure is done Throught he same incision during one trip to the OR, create a record for each procedure that you are monitoring in the Monthly Reporting Plan, and use the total time for the duration of each record.”

Ok.  Got that right.   Well… Not so fast because…

“If the patient goes to the OR more than once during the same admission and another procedure is performed through the same incision within 24 hours of the original incision, report only one procedure combining the durations for both procedures.”

And it goes on.  Combine this with the fact that CMS and NHSN/CDC have different definitions as to what constitutes an Inpatient…well…

I admit, I would not be at all displeased if I, for whatever reason, found myself unemployed.  I  of course do not want to lose my job, but there is also a deep fear of some of this stuff being wrong, not because I am an idiot, but because it is very dense and there are so many layers, that…well…it is easy to make a mistake.  Especially given that I am essentially practicing all alone and well…no one knows.

They have decided they need to hire another Infection Prevention Nurse, but of course, we are in very short supply, and most likely they will hire another person like me, who has never done this before.  Still at least it will be someone else to share the burden.

So we shall see.

We don’t get the results from CMS until probably August, so I assume I have a job until then no matter what.

In the meantime, I am finding myself in a very unusual state.  My life outside of work is really enjoyable!  I love it.  40 hours a week, I feel like I am entering the most unpleasant pressure cooker ever.  It’s hard to reconcile it.




One thought on “Job post.

  1. I’m sorry work has been so awful lately. Being unhappy at your job is its own special hell. It seems a shame, since you’ve worked so hard to get better at doing it and are taking that test on top of everything else. Still, I hope you ace the exam and maybe find a better position soon, at least where people appreciate you more. With your personal life going well, you deserve to have everything else perfect!

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