Photographic training week wrap up.


By my calculations this is the third of 3 build weeks.  20build-600-1

I hope that what I think was week one wasn’t some sort of “recovery” week.  Because I need the rest week NOW.  Stat.

Monday started with a swim, which as last monday was pretty short.  I actually cut it shorter because I got to the gym without goggles.  Then I had to Look through my bag for said goggles before deciding they had to be at home.  Then I had to go home, get the goggles…


I need to be like this kid.  I found this one another Blog….so check them out!

Tuesday- I had the “Laundry generator” workout, swim and run and swim and run.  It went really well, as in, I enjoyed it very much.  One huge win was that I did one of the runs on the hated route, and bested the hill.  It surprised me.

I also had leg weights in the afternoon.  They were tough. My legs have been feeling the cumulative effects of the building weeks.

Wednesday I Had a Brick…  SO that was great.  I cycled and ran a bit.  The run took me on the same hated route of the Laundry Generator and surprisingly..I won on the hill again.


Thursday- speed workout.  My speed workouts continue on the treadmill.  Not ideal, but…they are a workout. I did 800 repeats 7 of them.  Sweated my face off.  This week I noted that I was able to improve the interval speed as well.  So I was pretty stoked.

Friday…I survived an almost 2 mile swim, followed by a 3 mile run.  This is the workout that handed me my rear about 2 weeks ago.  Instructional workout.  My legs were feeling kind of “bad”  not injured or anything just kind of lousy.  I ran on them anyway and they cooperated. Something I wish I had known about during my last marathon for when my legs started to feel “bad”

Saturday was a blast…


I went and swam Lucky’s Lake (Lake Cane) again with a new pal…and we had a good time. I then did a brick in the heat and remembered about Florida’s endless summers.  It is here.  I got both dehydrated and sunburned on a 1 hour run.

Sunday…I went to a different trail and traversed 10 miles, very slowly.


It was beautiful, but pretty far away for regular running and maybe because I got so lost getting there AND back, I think I’ll avoid the Van Fleet for a few weeks….

So There’s the week.  Whew 73 total miles.  swim…bike…run.

Now…hoping it is time for a restful week.



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