The Suffering Life. (Training week wrap up sorta)


I was totally wrong.

This week was a SUPER Build.

It was so surprising to see it.  On Monday I had a few minutes which is very atypical for me and I expressed my doubt to my coach.  I warned him that things would be “off pace” and “slow”  He kind of smiled patiently, and said, “Yes, that’s what they are supposed to be like in this week.  He also mentioned a few more times that the next week would be a rest week.

With the blessing from him to Be Slow…I forged onwards.  Using Carrie Cheadle as an inspiration, I actually tackled the week with a bit of a zeal.  Carrie apparently is a Exercise psychologist or sorts for athletic performance improvement.  Her video on “How to suffer” was helpful to me.

I was greatly relieved when my coach viewed it and sent me an email saying, “I agree with what that lady is saying”  He outlined the next step for me, which is to learn to disguise the suffer from others, especially the competition.  So…After this rest week when I enter Block two of suffer festival 2014, I will attempt to make it look enjoyable.

What I learned from this week was that I was capable of a lot more than I thought possible. I nailed the workouts.  By Thursday, I saw my coach again and said, “I seem to be having a pretty good week.”  He said, “Yeah you said that..and looked a bit amused”  Honestly I would never have given myself this week’s workouts.  They were long and very wet and somewhat difficult.  I had to get up every single day at 4 am to have a chance at finishing them at 7:30 am for work.  It was entirely Un- Comfortable.


By the end of the week though I had progressed both with physical strength and endurance and also mentally- looking at what my triggers were for failure in runs or lifting, and then finding some ways around them.

In the end I kept in mind Martin Luther King’s statements on suffering which are so profound that they almost do not belong in a post about training, but…

As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways that I could respond to my situation: either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course. Recognizing the necessity for suffering I have tried to make of it a virtue. If only to save myself from bitterness, I have attempted to see my personal ordeals as an opportunity to transform myself and heal…

It applies so well, to this.  And Life…

THis week is a rest week.  It is not much on the schedule, I should have time to attend to my life needs, and do some “fun” things, as well as sleep a lot, which was recommended.  IN addition..I’ll be actually dieting, as the workouts are lite, it is the right time to eat lite!!!

My plan is also to tackle some very complex work I will be super alert.

We’ll see what happens.  It’s a time of waiting and pushing and learning to be patient.


2 thoughts on “The Suffering Life. (Training week wrap up sorta)

  1. I also like what the woman in the video said. It doesn’t just apply to physical pain—sometimes, when things are hard, we need to shift the mind into a different track. Yes, working with that particular person is difficult and upsetting, but it’s necessary to get to the next step. I hate doing this particular task, but once it’s finished, I will be free to do something more enjoyable. I’ll try it this coming week and see if it works, or at least makes work a little less stressful.

    I hope you enjoy your rest week, and your work issues get better, or at least easier to deal with.

    • Yes, I think what she describes is kind of common ways to get through difficult moments. I was really surprised to find out she isn’t a cyclist. I hope my work gets better too. It’s been better since I submitted, but we are about to get the “record request” so I will probably be crying my eyes out again soon.

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