Rest Week Wrap up

It’s been an unusual week.

This was my first cutback or rest week in quite a while.

In the end, I am not entirely sure I feel 100% rested, which is odd, because wow, the workouts were surely light.

In total for the week I had 35 miles.  Most of it cycle.  This is a stark contract to the 80 miles total I had last week.

During the week, of course I had lots of time to think, catch up on domestic stuff, and mull over life.  Of course, as is likely for someone like me during a cut back week, I tended towards feeling a little bit blue as well.  I’ve experienced this before, so I tried to simply block any negative thoughts and focus on the positive things.  I also gave my sweet doggie several longer than normal walks, which I am not 100% sure he appreciated, it’s pretty hot now, and he’s pretty hairy.


Because it was a rest week, i did focus on my diet. I did a pretty good job and was rewarded to see the scale go down 1.6 pounds.  Now..the goal is to maintain and possibly lose 0.4 more this week.


Diet is my achilles heel, but for this week, it went pretty well.  So I am encouraged.

Work was full of nasty little surprises daily this week, making it very hard to feel great about what I’m doing, and by the end of the week, I started to have the feeling of, “Complacency”  As in…I’ve done all that I can do, but things are still screwed up, so what now?” I continue to “nose to the grindstone”  but we all agree in the Quality arena of the health care world, things are becoming very difficult.  Of course, being a one person department, I find myself really feeling like an Island…Now, I’m not an island, people have been great and supportive, and well, I still FEEL like an island.  I miss working in the Emergency Department, where even when you hated everyone on a shift, you knew you were still on the team with the haters.


SO moving on to start a second set of build.  It will hurt, I have no doubt, and it’s going to be hard, but at least…I’ll be so in the thick of it that I won’t be able to focus on some of the not so pleasant aspects.





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