Training week wrap up.

This week went much better than last week, mostly I got out of my own way, and got over myself.

My coach seemed to have something against cycling this week, so I was mostly in the pool or running.  I have no idea why, I just did whatever was on the paper.

On Friday I went to pay the man, and we had a short conversation about my right hip.  It has been bothering me. He asked me what kind of exercises I have been doing for the hip, and we talked.  He recommended I start using the lacrosse ball again as well as the foam roller.  OUCH.  I finally started to use it on Saturday because my hip was so out of whack.  Of course it helped.

Running in general this week was OK.  Nothing spectacular.  The only problem was that summer came upon us.  Like a hot wet blanket, made of scratchy wool.


On Saturday my run was BRUTALLY hot.  There was a point when I wondered if I would make it back to my original starting point.  Today…I just struggled with the drippy wet shirt and also a spate of tiredness occurring at mile 9.  Apparently I’m just tired around mile 9.  As my fitness increases it will be mile 10 and then 11, but for now, it’s at mile 9.

Really looking forward to October.  These are interesting training conditions.  While I am sure they are making me a stronger runner, boy….it doesn’t seem like it

I did get to see some great wildlife.  I suppose running slowly has some benefits.  Woodpeckers, egrets, bunnies…


One thought on “Training week wrap up.

  1. Oh ugh, I hate hot, humid weather. I’ve grumbled that I can cope with cold weather easier than heat: you can always bundle up against the cold, but nothing can beat the heat except air conditioning or just staying in the pool all afternoon. (Don’t know if that’ll work at night. We get big, pesky, hungry mosquitoes in the summer, and they don’t leave you alone unless you stay under water.)

    I imagine the coach knows what he’s doing, but do be careful about running in the heat. It’s in the high 90s out here. In my tai chi class yesterday, a woman in her 90s fainted, partly because they didn’t turn on the AC until we’d been working for half an hour, and partly because like many old people, she dehydrates very quickly. Not that I’m saying you’re old, lol! But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that heat puts a lot of stress on the body.

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