Work updates.

Well, as usual I had a difficult week at work.

I finally got the chart requests for the CMS and 2 of my charts, the really big ones, were copied.


I had to go through and check every single page.  It was a major pain.  Plus all the way through I was doing the attempt to validate the chart myself a million times.

In the middle of this I start to get phone calls.  Generally one can put a lot of things off but not telephone reportable diseases.  So. I go to get the information and interface with the Health Department which was actually not as seamless as maybe it should have been.

As I am already down there…I decide to walk though the department where the patient is to look at construction.  It was a perfect day because I was feeling that annoyance, paired with anxiety as I really wanted to get the “looksy”  through the chart done, and the health department was not really available.  Oh, the construction zone was a mess.  Barriers were falling down, and the men were like little kids.  I had to stop the construction. These grown men kept saying, “I didn’t put the barrier up”  and I’m saying…well, lets be adults and fix them.  They did get it fixed.  The only good thing about this moment was that our Engineering guy (who is usually kind of a bit of a smarmy “don’t worry your pretty little head” kind of guy) walked over there with me and said… ok guys (contractors)  “You see this nice little lady here.  If she says you stop the work, you gotta stop, she is the big big boss around here, and that is that.”  WOW.  I really appreciated it. Men, construction…It isn’t really a woman’s world these days.

ANYWAY. I did eventually get back to the charts and get both reviewed.  One I am confident about.  The other one is kind of iffy.  My Manager offered to help abstract them for me, and I was very grateful as she has an eye for that.

This folks- is the Medicare money at work.  We are required to copy every single piece of documentation.  (This included pages and pages of personal belongings sheets, various spiritual care notes etc).  Medicare reimburses us for the paper, but not the man power and certainly not the angst it has caused. It is needed, but the extent that it is gone to now is really a burden.  So yes when you pay your taxes for medicare, you are paying for them to reimburse hospitals 0.13 cents a page.

SO that was my work week all rolled into one big mess.  It will continue as I have ten more charts to check.  These will all be sent to the verification center within the next week and then…we sit and wait and wait for scores.  And my next set of validation information is due August 1, so as soon as this ships, I have new projects for CMS.  I hate being a lone ranger.  It is so easy to make one small mistake, and with no one really looking…well….

So I admit I feel pretty stressed at work.


I keep looking at other types of jobs, and thinking of other things I’d like to do but when I look around everything is kind of a I am either underqualified or vastly over qualified.

We will see what occurs in July when these charts are finally audited.  I find it hard to even explain the stress I feel right now.



4 thoughts on “Work updates.

  1. Ugh, oh UGH. I hate those guys who treat women like children or pets. (Some of them go so far as to pat you on the head or arm. Or worse.) I’m sure if you took him to task for it, he’d probably get defensive and say he “really likes girls.” I’m surprised there are still men like that out there, but I’ve seen it often enough to realize, yeah, we have a long way to go yet.

    I’m not surprised about the Medicare charges. I’ve noticed a number of medical institutions charge when you request copies of your file, even if it is your information. When I had to send copies of my files to a new medical facility, my medical insurance company charged me for every photocopied page. When they said they would also charge me for the mailing expenses, I drove over to their administrative offices and picked up the 18-page packet myself. They were surprised—I don’t think they’re used to having people refuse to pay those charges.

    • About finding a new job: it is hard. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody, just getting the HR office to acknowledge your application is a miracle. There are just too many people out there still looking for full-time work.

    • We typically do not charge at the hospital beyond 10.00. BUt in this case, we the hosptial are reimbursed by CMS. WHich means this is indeed your tax money at work, this is not providing care for anyone, it’s just paying for paper….

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