Messages in Dream bottles….

So in the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been having an odd recurrent dream.  The circumstances change a bit but one fact remains.  I can’t get a shirt on.

The first time I had this dream, It seemed I was running in a forest, and had a shirt but hadn’t had time to put it on.  Some younger athletes were gaining on me and I was desperately trying to get the shirt on.  I just couldn’t.  This isn’t one of those “oh my God I’m naked (on in pajamas) in public.”  It was something different, plus I wasn’t naked…I just couldn’t get the darn shirt on.

I mentioned it to my coach kind of in passing.  Mostly because it had woken me up and stayed with me that day.  He said he thought I was probably trying to grow into a new season in life…a new situation, but that I was having some trouble getting there.  I was surprised, but it made sense.

I’m not big into Dream Interpretation…


Kind of Hippy Dippy, and some dreams are so fragmented, that I think if we try to make them into messages…well…we end up basically using the fragments of the dream into a way to pursue something we wanted to pursue anyway….


God came to both Solomon and Joseph in dreams.  So…anything is possible.

A week or so ago I had the dream again.  Struggling to get a shirt on, it just stuck on me every in the wrong way.  Just as if you were trying to put on a vicose shirt when wet.

I mentioned to the coach that I’d had it again…he gave me the look.

Last night I had the dream again.  Circumstances had changed, I was traveling for a run (not a race).  I ended up in a room of people, some from Ragnar in 2013 and some people I didn’t recognize.  The gal that was captain of my Ragnar team was there, but she didn’t seem to recognize me.  So I reintroduced myself.  There were tons of people in the hotel room and I was trying to get along. I wanted to change for dinner in a different room…and I could not decide what to wear, reach my travel bag, etc…again, no shirt.

This Dream dictionary says:

Changing clothes: This can be about altering your mode of behaviour, your role or mood, or even seeking a different self image. We are all capable of changing who we are, and changing clothes suggests changing the way you present yourself to other people, or how you feel about yourself. Also you change clothes as you move from one role, or one social environment to another – work to being with friends, or school to home, etc. So the dream might be indicating the shifts you make in the attitudes or ways you feel about yourself in different environments.

So I’m still left wondering.  A lot of the dreams involve running, but you know, MOST of my dreams involve running in one way or another.

I have been seriously thinking of job change, but this started before I started to look at the “want ads”

I told Mr. Coach that I had had the dream again.  He requested I email it to him. Curious to see what he thinks.  He feels it is definitely something important as it keeps coming up.  I just don’t particularly enjoy sharing my inability to put a shirt on, because it seems kind of creepy…and it isn’t….it’s just odd….

I felt a lot like this kid, though not as temper tantrum like….


2 thoughts on “Messages in Dream bottles….

  1. I think your coach is right. You sound like you’ve been grappling with some difficult changes in your life, and you can’t quite get that “shirt” on. It’s probably not surprising that it happens in the context of running, since it is such a big part of your life.

    I seldom ever remember my dreams, so when I have a vivid one, it’s huge. Sadly, it’s been awhile since I had one. Getting up before dawn seems to short-circuit the dreaming.

  2. Whenever I dream that I can’t find something – such as the class I am suppose to teach- I know it is a stress dream. Perhaps look to what is stressing you at the moment?

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