Weekly wrap up

Oh my what a difficult week.

I kind of knew when my email included this statement:

This week will be kind of tough. Expect it.
Just notch  back and don’t get hurt. I want to see how you feel with the volume.

So how do I feel with the volume?


Yes, about that good.  It was not the running volume of 34 miles that was the real issue this week.  I think it was the spinning and swimming and weights and and and….in addition, the intensity of most of the workouts was a lot.  Plus.  it was HOT and very HUMID this week.  not good weather for training, especially for me, who really does not thrive on this type of weather.


Work was also very very interesting.  I mistakenly thought they had decided to hire me some help, but I was totally wrong about that.  I’m in a bit of a “Calm before the Storm”  moment.  All the charts are submitted for the audit.  No score probably until July, so I am just kind of at work pretending all is well.  I am getting a lot done which is nice, and learning a lot lately which is also nice, but… the worry is still underlying.  That said…there are always other jobs out there.  It is just a hassle of applying, wondering about things like benefits, schedules, adjusting…always better to stay put if one can. We’ll see in July.

Almost all the way through June…onward to October!




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