Weekly training wrap up.

Well, I have not really done much in the way of weekly training wrap ups. There has not been too much training going on.

I hurt my left hip in a very odd way…we are still not really sure what happened, but…frankly speaking, I was not that unhappy to find myself tweaked.  I did actually have a very hard time dealing with the ongoing low level of pain it was causing….that kind of chronic underlying pain that seeps into every aspect of life, can be very draining. And this started some time in late June.

Thing is though, it is JULY in FLORIDA.


It is disgustingly hot and humid and not my favorite time to train.  So a load of pool running in there was not the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. It was boring, but…not nearly as challenging as running 13-15 miles in heat worrying about dehydration, nutrition, planting bottles of frozen concoctions here and there, and wondering why my pace suddenly looked as if I was wearing concrete shoes.

That said.  I started to get a bit worried.  I have races coming up and I have some goals.  so…of course right as the hip thing resolves, I decided to pick up the largest bag of dog food I’ve ever seen and kind of tweak out my back a tiny tiny bit.  All I can think of is WHAT was I thinking.  I can afford the smaller 20 lb bag and I can carry that one…The big one is still in the back of my car.  I believe it will empty it up to the house gradually…Still.  That was not the brightest move on my part.

I finally was able to do some running today.  Just 4 miles on the plan and they went…errr. OK.

So it was cooler 75 degrees.  but the humidity was at 97% this morning which was seriously out of this world.  Run still felt pretty good up to the last mile.  I am just a struggling with mile number 4.  It’s up a moderate hill and so on but really I think it is mental.  This is a route I’ve run for probably 7 years now. So that hill and I know each other well.  I hit it and I think I actually gave up.  The heat, the wetness…I was finally motivated to continue running when off in the distance I saw some runners from the run group coming!

I;m back on the mend.

Other than the injury, there are really only three things that are affecting my training in a bad way.

I really dislike my current position. Now that I am certified I keep looking and seeing a few other positions posted that would be better.  But of course.  Better…is the question as they really are unknown….they appear better.  They could be horrific.

Even if better they would mean uprooting myself entirely.  I’ve grown comfortable with my friends, and finally after 7 years of meeting and greeting have started to weed out those who are “mean girls”  and find people who “fit with me”  That is NOT easy and for someone who is single it is very important to have a thriving social life with a variety of friends.  I don’t have a husband/boyfriend I can have accompany me anywhere!

We are still awaiting the validation scores.  I feel sick about it.  The website is down for maintenance so we might hear on the 16th of this month.  I feel so under the gun. I actually do try very hard to report stuff correctly, so one would think the validation would be a piece of cake, but…in reality….I discovered with the amount of items I am required to process in a short time frame, I do occasionally make errors.

And once the Validation stress is over, *if* we pass…it will be time to get ready for a Joint Commission Accreditation visit, at which time I will need some of the nurses to answer questions correctly….which seems easy but is not.  Joint Commission stresses me less than the other two things.

So..my main goal in the next month is to keep work separated from training.

I’ve managed to lose 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks when not running, so a good reset for that…need to keep eating healthy.

And perhaps things will change.  They always do!


4 thoughts on “Weekly training wrap up.

  1. Don’t stay at a job where you are not happy – life is too short. Just ask the universe to take you where you will be happy – and eventually you will arrive.

    And no, I haven’t been drinking.

  2. I hope by this point your hospital has passed the validation test. I know it can be stressful, but chances are things went well and they’re just in no rush to report it.

    Losing seven pounds isn’t a bad reward for all the working out you’ve done. It’s tough when you’re hurt AND the weather is crappy for training in. Hope it gets better!

    • Sad part about the Validation, It goes on every quarter until probably January. They are still having website access issues so it would be hard to know. We may have done well, but it is a bit of a crap shoot…we could easily fail.

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