TIp toe through the training tulips

This past week, I did get training in.  65 miles of training.  Clearly not all running and clearly not all swimming. The cycling is responsible for the number 65.

In general it was a rough week.


I continue to have some mild pain in that area, and only by massively stretching and rolling and getting massage is it being managed.  That, and a little motrin.

I ended up doing 2 runs in the pool instead of the one I had envisioned.  The speed work just Did.not.happen. like speed work.  The miles happened, but the focus etc, just really didn’t occur.

I had some good workouts, and my run today 8 miles, went “ok”  I could feel the hip but it didn’t give me any issues.  Massage tomorrow.

I’m not feeling very optimistic about this training cycle.  BUt it’s a long one and things could change.


2 thoughts on “TIp toe through the training tulips

  1. Ouch! Good luck with the hip. It’s something if the pain is manageable. Still, I wish you just didn’t have it at all. I don’t suppose your coach would suggest a break until you felt better?

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