training….work woes, and decisions.

Wow  so much going on.

I had a rest week this week, so that was much needed. My darn quad is still achy and acting only about 80% right. I still feel like it is slowly coming along.  But there is that nagging thought and concern about how/when it will get to 100%.  My coach is well aware that it isn’t quite 100% but, especially this week, we couldn’t do too much for it.  The pool is closed, massage guy is on vacation.  Generally it works itself out.  We had a nice long chat today mostly about life, and not training, but it all intertwines.  It is also err, kind of HOT in Florida right now and so all of training has been a bit on the miserable…running in Florida summer side…1marathonG_468x482

Work is coming along strangely. Firstly, no score yet from the audit we submitted on June 13.  This is wearing on us all.  We want to pass.  At the same time, I suspect this first submission of mine may fail…I have submitted the second of the required templates, so now…just a waiting game.

So, I’m waiting.  It is very very hard to focus on new projects initiatives when this score thing is hanging above the head.

I am apparently getting a new boss, that they are attempting to hire from the outside.  Not holding my breath.  That person needs a lot of qualifications and needs to be willing to move to this area, and to get along with our multiple personalities.

Today I was recruited to join a team to go to Nigeria for 2 weeks to team a rapid fire course on Ebola protection.  I want to go but the contract is not fully approved.  I am sitting here awaiting the phone call, and if that call comes in boy…I have to spring into action- I will have to drive to Atlanta to do a speed renewal of a passport, and oh drop by the Nigerian Embassy for my visa. Then fly out on Wednesday.  My current boss approved right away which surprised me.  I’m so nervous about this, not because of Ebola, but because of the projects I was mid stride with, and also missing possible deadlines, and also just anything that requires me to move that fast makes me nervous.  That and training.  One does not “go out for a quick spin/jog” in Nigeria.  One either runs with a pack, or on a treadmill.  My coach said, “Heck go…just do tons of air squats”  He also stated, hey maybe everything will totally heal up if you can’t train much.  Ha ha ha.

So just waiting on the final decision. Then I will either spring into action, or softly relax back into my very softy American lifestyle….



2 thoughts on “training….work woes, and decisions.

  1. The possibility of going to Nigeria now sounds both exciting and scary. I’ve read articles saying how it’s very hard to actually catch Ebola, that many of its victims are family members who took care of a sick person and came into contact with his or her bodily fluids. Still, if you go, I’ll worry about you. (And a part of me says, “Take pictures! We want to see what you saw!”)

    Whenever I’ve taken off on a trip and worried about all the things I hadn’t finished or were still on the ‘to-do’ list, I’ve found that my absence didn’t make any difference. If things really needed to get done, other people finished them. Also, I often found later that those things I thought were really important turned out to be not so much. I hope that’s true for you too.

  2. Wow, you seem calm despite all this uncertainty. Hope you get to go to Nigeria as your assistance there would be very welcomed and important. You are quite brave. Wishing you peace and confidence regardless of what happens with work, travel, and injury/training.

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