In the Time of Ebola Part two

I’m having a hard time writing any post about this project.  I’m not sure why.  In part, I think I am just really really tired.  In the week or so leading up to the trip, I had to run around like a crazy woman.  Then there was all the travel…and now home, I admit I am still tired.  I’ve been having that sleep that is sort of like a coma….you wake realizing you Really REALLY need to use the bathroom, but can barely move your legs to get you to the right place.

So today I think I’ll write simply about the “Isolation Centre”.  On the first day of our trip, we were met by the Permanent Secretary for the Minister of Health in Rivers state, Nigeria.


(Yes this is Nigeria.  The red part is Rivers state- it’s in the Delta, so warm, and wet and full of oil.)

Port Harcourt is a large city, but wow the airport… Well here’s the PH international airport…Dana air provided some great snackies on the flight, but I was mightily disappointed to find my peanuts not to be “Burger” flavored.  (When I was in Sudan we used to get Kenyan Pringles chips in all sorts of bizarre flavors, so I did consider it a possibility when I saw the bag…)

noname-11 noname-7 noname-8Anyway the tent, they white one, was where we picked our luggage.

We then progressed to the hotel under, as always in Nigeria it seems, armed police guard.  I think it bothered some of my travel companions.  To me, it was Nigeria.


Has not changed much since I was there last.

We then sat around a bit with the Ministry of Health People, had a few Fantas and then we went out to the center that they wanted to convert to an isolation center.

With the current events as they are, (the news is not entirely accurate here), I fear the center is not quite large enough.


This was a community health center that was in the process of being converted. We strode about, trying to make suggestions.  I tend to always do a very quiet look through before making a lot of suggestions.  The other members of my team were very different and started to make a lot of recommendations and also odd statements.  One of the other nurses was asking about a blueprint, and our team leader snapped, “Oh they build organically here…” I should just say, I really think the word ORGANIC really belongs in the produce section.  I also knew differently, so I went very quietly to the Permanent Secretary and requested the blueprints.  They showed up.  (this is why I like to observe and hold back).  At any rate.  The center to me was actually pretty nice.

noname-15 noname-14 IMG_1770 noname-8I failed to take enough photos.  I was trying to absorb how the centre would work.

The Government had done a fairly good job planning how to build a few separate entrances and exits and create a clean and dirty room for entry for work. Our team lead made some suggestions, most somewhat impractical, but some very useful.

After that trip, we were whisked back to the hotel for some swimming (yes…) and dinner and time to think about how to convert the centre.  As it was, we never actually had time to get back to the center before it was needed….





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