Life gets crazy


On Tuesday I got a call from our “Parent” institution.  I knew that they had some positions open.  I had inquired casually, but I wasn’t so sure how the team would feel about working directly with me.  It’s one thing to have a great relationship every 4 weeks when someone calls.  Another entirely to consider if you want that person in the room next door to you.

So I let it slide.  I’m so busy and there are some changes afoot at the Parent institution that could be concerning.

On tuesday the boss let me know that he was calling “On behalf of the team” that they were very interested in having me interview and basically offering me a job if I would go through the interview hoops.  That was a real compliment to me and it did make me happy though it opened a can of worms for me as well.

This job would be essentially the same job I do now except that I would no longer be solely responsible for all of the regulatory and reporting functions that are so problematic.  No longer would I be solely responsible for 2% of medicare reimbursement payments.  (If I screw something up with reporting/regulatory- they take 2% of our reimbursement and we still have to figure out how to provide the care the medicare pts need. with less.).

No longer would I need to write all the policies.  NO longer would I have to attempt to lead a painful and miserable Infection Control Committee.

I could just do the surveillance of my areas assigned, contribute to policy research and development, and educate.

Main draw back.

30 minute commute.

Current situation is very amenable to training.  I get up live 5 mins from the gym and work.  Workout shower, go to work, hit the gym again after work.

thats an hour a day where I’d need to organize better, etc.

I spoke to the CEO about it yesterday.  Immediate response- “How can we improve things for you”  I love her.  But I’m not sure that this is going to be enough to get me to actually stay.

It’s hard to know what to do.


One thought on “Life gets crazy

  1. sounds like a tough choice, but in the end it’s all about where you will be happier/less stressed. I went from a 90 minute commute to a 30 minute commute with a lot less $$, but ultimately a lot less stress. win win in the end.

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