So this week, the job situation changed for me somewhat.

I really was feeling so unsure about what to do..  known evil….unknown evils?


So you know sometimes you just really wish for the clarity from God to make a decision.

Moses, you know…


So where was my “flaming shrub”?

Well it came.  As soon as I started to consider, the signs started hailing down on me.  I had one of the worst weeks ever at the hospital.  So many things were wrong and crazy.  By today I had had my last straw.

I filed the application, an interview was set up.  Wednesday.

All I need to do is find something nice to wear and let my boss know I’m headed downtown for a meeting.

I’m always amazed at how an emotionally trying day can be totally exhausting….

I do have some fun weekend stuff to look forward to, but wow.  My life is about to get really different.


3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Sometimes the Universe tells you it’s time to move on, whether you like it or not. During my last month in Minnesota, my cat, who lived with me 15 years, died; I was rear ended on the highway by some gibbering old man (my second auto accident that year, after years of going without so much as a dent); received a letter from work telling me my hours in the fall would be cut (again); and had a falling-out with a person who used to be a very close friend but who had become “odd” as she aged. By the time I had packed my last box, I was ready to leave, even though I had made the place my home for 30 years.

    I hope you get hired right away so you can close the door on that particularly awful job. Good luck! 🙂

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