Oh My!

So today, I finally admitted to my manager that I will be leaving this job.  I don’t even really have the new job yet, but I figured it was time.

She amazed me.

I discussed how crazy it is that I make essentially the same amount of money as I did as a staff nurse, but have had exponentially increasing responsibility for the past 3 years. I added in that it is very difficult to get a response from Administration, and that the staff are often hostile.

She initially tried to tell me that it was the same everywhere, and in some places worse.

She’s right.  In some places, it is worse.

She is also wrong, in some places things are much better, more organized.

My favorite moment came when I stated that I could no longer put up with some of the problems in my job that make it (and me) miserable.

She stated “Most Infection preventionists are Passionate about their work, so none of this would bother them.”


I admit, I do not live and breathe my job.  I WORK 40 hours a week at it.  I studied so that I am certified to do it.  I am entirely qualified, but yes, there are moments when I enjoy SOMETHING else.  Not wanting to put up with enormous amounts of CRAP makes me “not passionate”?  And If I were to be passionate, somehow that would allow me to again put up with enormous amounts of crap?

She is a natural born idiot.  I’m glad I have this second opportunity on the burner.



7 thoughts on “Passion.

  1. Holy moly! I have passion for what I do, but it certainly doesn’t make me put up with crap! In fact, my passion makes me more outraged by the crap that goes on and makes me try to fix it, and if I can’t fix it, I’m outta there. Thinking of you this week and wishing you tons of luck moving to your new adventure. 🙂

  2. I just read your last post, so I wasn’t expecting that you’d announce your resignation this soon. 🙂

    Your soon-to-be ex-boss sounds defensive and completely unwilling to address the problems in her department. You had mentioned earlier that your predecessor had left after a short time too, so you’d think she’d get a clue that there is something wrong with the conditions under which the job holder has to work. Plus carrying all those responsiblities for about the same pay you made as a nurse—there’s something very wrong about that.

    I hope you move on to your next job soon. You are being a lot kinder and more professional than I would be under the circumstances. Your boss really deserves to be left in the lurch.

    • Oh, this is completely irrelevant to your issues, but I recognized right away that the music video posted was shot in Tacoma, close to where my son lives. The skyline was the immediate giveaway, but the weather depicted was also pretty much standard for fall, winter and spring in the Pacific Northwest. 🙂 It is much gloomier than Florida!

    • I don’t want to leave her in the lurch, she did the best she could, she is not that powerful either. It’s just that this struck me so funny. Apparently, feeling “Passion” will allow me to not care about anything else?

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