So this week… I have the “big interview”.


It’s a bit of a farce.  I spoke with one of the persons who works down there and her response was this….

OK here’s the deal with the interview.  It is all a facade to get you to bring cupcakes….that’s all plain and simple.

So…After that we bust out laughing.

I go tomorrow. I have not told my manager, but I think she knows because yesterday she was fishing and fishing for information and I just wouldn’t give it to her.  In addition, we are still in the middle of a regulatory audit, and she knows if I leave she will have to figure that out on her own.  Now…I’m not that mean.  Once I accept, I will make and submit the last audit template and review the cases and make corrections as needed.  The only job left would be to submit photocopies of the charts.  If there is more to be done, I can conveniently be available for a “consultant fee” which will be like paying through the nose, but when I think of all of the hassle I’ve dealt with.

Grass is not usually greener on the other side.  It’s usually greenest where you water it, but….


Sometimes, you really do need to find a different place to “water”.



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