Late late late.

So today was the fateful day.

“Job Interview”

Apparently prior to my arrival the boss said “Yeah it’s a formality”

But to me, you know…one can totally blow something that is supposed to be a formality.

I actually arrived a tiny bit late because traffic and then to get INTO the parking garage was a nightmare.  No one would progress….everyone was peering as they crawled in the parking garage, hoping that someone was leaving.  I know there are always spots on the roof, and I am fine with that, but getting round these others…well…

So. I show up.  Answer 900 questions.  It was fairly comfortable, because I was actually talking about something I LOVE to do.  I’ve had some good successes, and some other failures.  It was comfortable, while I was nervous, I also felt like I was “Home”….

So eventually I head back to my real job home.  I get a call from the head guy.  he tells me he has this position he wants to offer me, but that he was told not to fill it, due to some issues with his position.  So…he then states, “I believe that either way, you will eventually end up here- with me or without me”  I know he is facing some intense pressure and he is feeling unsure about his position.  So wow, where does that leave me.

I am pretty much content to wait.  I was pretty delighted just to hang out for an hour with my Infection Prevention pals.

I mentioned to one that I’m very good friends with that “I’m not passionate”  She freaked out, laughing and said, you know you are the biggest germ nerd in that room….

So Pah.


My Boss can shove it.


5 thoughts on “Late late late.

  1. Oh DEAR. What to do when the guy who’s in charge of hiring might not be there for very long? I can see why you might be uneasy.

    It sounds like everyone but “Miss Passion” likes you, so maybe this is just a matter of being patient. It seems funny he would interview you when he’s been told not to fill the position, but maybe that just shows they like you that much. Fingers crossed you get called in soon!

    • He plans on filling the position. Right now when they are down the two IP’s he is covering the hospitals and is having a tough time. I actually would have a hybrid job and have some units at the main trauma center and some units at the nationally ranked Children’s hospital. I think it would be a really interesting job. Yesterday, after I left, I realized that the entire time I was sitting and discussing that it felt like I was with my “tribe” if you will. So we will see. Miss Passion can just suck it.

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