Employment chronicle

So…  I am still waiting for a decision to be made regarding the position at the other facility.

I waffle.  A lot.  Part of me is fine with the current job.  Yes, it is maddening, and has huge hassles, but I know the hassles.  In part too, when things go wrong, the barriers are easy to blame.

Then the other part of me remembers the interview.


It will be the right thing to do.

The only thing that I know for sure that will be problematic, is training time.  No more finish a workout at 7:40 and walk into work at 0800.

Then I worry about the new role…can I succeed?  Will I fit just right? In 6 months will we all still be singing the songs of our people?

So while waiting, I have gotten visits from the Director of HR asking me to please not leave.  She’s a smart lady and as she put it… “You have a unique role and it takes a long time to replace unique roles” She was willing to offer more money and also a management switch away from my manager.  I got another visit today from the CNO….same thing.

Thing is.  I don’t love my job.  More money will not help…. new manager would help, but…really at this point, new job would help most.  I finally just told her that I would take the job if offered, so no changes should be made until I know.

Worst part is I am stuck doing a “activity fair”  that I invented, that I hate doing!  I was so hoping to resign before that.

But on the plus side… It is good to be wanted.


6 thoughts on “Employment chronicle

  1. It must be a wonderful feeling to have them really like you, beg you to stay and offer more money, but at the end of the day it is *you* that has to like the job and want to stay. I hope you get an offer soon for the other job.

    • To be honest, it’s really difficult. I feel so unsure on things and I hate to make such a fuss….I mean it’s kind of insane that anyone would care if I stayed or left… but I guess you know being the only one makes it hard to replace me….

  2. Once an employee has made their mind up to leave, even if an employer entices them to stay, they still leave within 12 months according to stats. You have emotionally disengaged, time to move on.

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