Job update.

I really don’t have time for a regular post.


I did finally get the job offer today.

It was kind of a let down actually.

Partly because frankly we all knew it was on offer.

I got an email this morning saying…

“can’t wait for you to be down here full time, working to get your office set up, hoping that it will be the one next to mine, gonna be fun”

The recruiter was disorganized and kind of distracted.  He offered at a bit lower than I expected, but the offer was OK, so I took it.  He seemed surprised, but actually he just wasn’t really ready to go through his spiel.

BUt thank goodness the offer is in the stratosphere.

I can not resign tomorrow.  My new boss is at my hospital for special rounds, with my old boss.  Will not want any awkwardness there.

So Wednesday Afternoon.


I can’t wait to get down there either.



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