OMG OMG! like OMG.


What a difficult week.

SO much happened.

On Tuesday we had “executive quality rounds”  So essentially, all of the suits from the 7 hospitals in our system showed up…and walked about our facilities, engaging the staff and discussing quality initiatives.

As you might imagine, we were pretty nervous.

It actually went extremely well.  The staff were engaging and great.  The quality measures were good and we were rewarded with the news that our hospital, once not doing too well, was the second highest scoring hospital in the system for LeapFrog data.  As an aside, I am not really a fan of leapfrog. I feel that most of these quality reporting entities are in it for their own profit, and a score on a piece of paper doesn’t always accurately reflect what’s happening at a facility.  That being said, it feels good to have a good score reflected out to the public.

During that time, I was treated with the joy of having ALL of my bosses literally in a room together.  Can we say awkward.

The next morning, my manager was all a twitter about our success.  I dumped cold water on her immediately letting me know that I was leaving.

She promptly turned into …


Seriously.  I was suddenly the Spawn of the Devil.  She got on the phone and trashed me to several people.  It actually upset me more than I thought it would.  In addition she started to discuss that I was “Saying bad things about the hospital” It’s true I’m ready to leave, but what is there bad to say about the hospital?  Like…”Leapfrog scores are great…”

Luckily reason prevailed, and my big boss called me in and said, “Watch your back, do not talk to those ladies, work your notice and do not engage.”

It’s pretty uncomfortable, but also a little bit amusing.


So that all threw me for a loop. Add in issues with Ebola, and my own slight anxiety about transitioning to a new role where indeed success is never a given…

WOW.  On top of that.  I started a taper week with running, so less running.  more emotions.

I have about 20 work days left.  more like 19 because of some MD appointments.

May I live through them without completely blowing up.


9 thoughts on “OMG OMG! like OMG.

  1. Yes – may you live through the notice period without too much more unpleasantness. I was speaking with someone this week who’d left her workplace after 10 years and I asked if they’d taken her out to lunch – she said “no, they were too angry with me”. 🙂

  2. Listen to your big boss and do NOT talk to these people; don’t give them anything they might use against you. You stayed in that job longer than I would have, IMHO. You owe them no apologies, but given the soon-to-be ex-boss’ vitriol, you probably want to keep your formal resignation letter simple and succinct.

    Funny they treated you so poorly, but now they’re shocked you’re resigning. Karma Cafe indeed.

  3. Wow! What a roller coaster. It will be so great for you to be OUT of there. Good luck with the transition! I’m betting you will be very happy in the new place!

    • I think this is partly true, plus they thought they would have to “do my job” which they are not capable of doing. It’s been an interesting process to see played out, but wow, it has so totally physically and emotionally drained me! But yes, you are so right, there is a definite feeling of jealousy hanging around the office…. 20 days…20 very busy day!

  4. Besides unprofessional, if your supervisor did indeed verbally ‘trash’ you, you’ve got cause for a complaint/action against that person and any HR person worth their position knows this. I had a person who reported to me come into my office one day to announce he was leaving. All I did was ask if there was anything we could do to change his mind, there wasn’t, so he left. Nothing personal, its all business- many forget that,

    • She left her door wide open, and in the end it has already come back to bite her in the behind. I just need to get through my 20 days….and pray that no one with Ebola comes to the hospital while I am still working there.

      • I am sure it has… she not only put herself in HR jeopardy but also her/your employer. On the flip side the standard HR line to say nothing about a person’s employment other than from when to when makes it harder to get positive feedback as well.

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