Ebola. Compassion. And the lack thereof.

Today was the first day in a while that “Ebola!”  was not at the top of my Facebook trending arrows.

As has been noted before….Most Americans really only started to give any concern to Ebola once it arrived in the country.

Sadly we have gotten now to a point where most people can not even learn about the disease and what to do about it because they are in full on panic mode.  Most do not want to learn facts they just want to practice wild speculation.

I’ve come to realize too that there are several persons that are also in general unhappy with their lives, and rather than addressing that, they are grabbing onto each new news item and using that to express their anger/unhappiness.

In response to this, a video has been made by physicians from Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins.

One of the most frustrating things to me is that instead of thinking logically through the questions and concerns we have, we rush to throw a blanket on them and push them away.

People are saying they feel unsafe now that there is an “Ebola risk”  but in reality, we are always at risk for “Ebola”  or some new disease that may threaten us or our families.

Leaving you with a beautiful music on the compassion of the Savior.  And wondering why so many of these “right wing Christians” are so keen to do exactly the opposite of what their main book, the Bible teaches in these situations.


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