Aftermath of the Lighthouse Loop Race (warning Long)

reblogging from my training blog.

30 weeks of Marathon training.

So, if you follow this blog (all 4 of you!) I had an OK race last weekend. If you are going to read this, Invite you to get a cup of coffee, shot of tequila or something because it’s a little long.

I was fairly active all day Sunday. We all hoped that  by staying hydrated and active we’d be less sore.

By the time we made it home on Sunday afternoon, all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch.  So I did.

I sent an email to my coach.

So my back is really hurting now.  I did climb up the light house in Ponce Inlet and back down Oow!”

I took an Ice Bath.  I rested, then about 6 hours later, I took a steaming hot epsom bath.

Went to bed.

Got up, had a pretty hard time getting up, my back and hip…

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