Life’s Little Updates


I suppose after all the Lighthouse Loop Aftermath, I should probably post a little bit of an update.

My life has really changed somewhat from lots of running and swimming and biking and work to…. lots of couch and work and planning activities that require movement VERY carefully.

I did have an Epidural Injection early on this week. I detailed that over on my training blog.

I have been pleasantly surprised that with each passing day I am seeing some slight improvement so that my activity tolerance has improved each day.  The pain has decreased and while it is still quite present, it is manageable.  Now, I would not like to live my life like this for forever but it is managable.  I do think if I get similar improvements with my next two injections I might actually heal myself of what every physician has agreed was a really rather large injury to my spine.

The only exercise I am allowed is walking in the pool.  This is two things: a bit boring, and VERY COLD.  I am not walking very fast and thus don’t generate heat, and while it’s Florida…it’s still cold in the evenings.

I have signed up to do a virtual race – in the pool.  It’s an odd concept, but it has motived me to get in when I didn’t want to.

The other amazing thing this week is that I started my new job on Wednesday.

I was quite concerned given my back is not great.  It has worked out so far fairly magically.  I arrived. My NAME is on the door to my OFFICE.  Yes folks I have an office with a door that shuts and locks.  We discussed getting business cards, something I was flat out denied at the other place, immediately.  I was then issued a destop and a laptop, as well as a myriad of office supplies.  Then I was told to manage my time appropriately and not to worry too much about it.  I tested that today accidently by arriving at 0811 am.  I left the house late and true to form my leg doesn’t cooperate that well in the morning hours.  Everyone has understood entirely about my back and has not expected me to go jaunting about the hospitals.  Yahooeey. This relaxed introduction indeed had something to do with them not being entirely prepared, but…that also worked in my favor as I adjusted, spent some moments simply laying on the floor to take pressure off my back, and fooled around.

I realized on my way home that I really had been unhappy at the old job.  I felt so much freedom in one day, and it was just entirely such a better atmosphere.  NON-toxic.

SO breath of fresh fresh air in the employment field.

It is also a good distraction to have while dealing with injury…so many new things keep my mind off the fact that my running season is rather done. I know nothing is going to rescue it, but having to learn about parking, cafeterias, figuring out which units are my units, managing some obligations at the old hospital…well, I have less time to dwell on it.

My second distraction is of course it is Operation Christmas Child time….whoo Hooo!  I enjoy doing this so so much!  this year I had some extra finances so I will be doing 5 boxes.  I’ve made some photos and will be posting a new OCC post. My old post form 2011 still gets a lot of web traffic. Drop Off is this weekend.

I’m thinking very carefully on the running and I know I’m pretty upset….there are a lot of races I have not enjoyed that I want to in the future, so…wishing good healing thoughts to me. 


Still that said, the odd horizontal work place “violence” is gone, replaced with normal co-workers and new challenges…so at least I’ve got something to dig into.

My biggest frustration is that I have no good reading material. Given my new tolerance for some activity, I may be able to remedy that this weekend at the Library.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates

  1. Yes, we so often don’t realise just how unhappy we were until we are happy somewhere else…I thin that is what I meant to say! Sorry you are in pain, but an office and a name plate! Woot! I hope your office doesn’t have one entire wall of glass like mine. I feel like a fish in a fish bowl

  2. You know a job is going to go well when they welcome you with your own office, equipped and labeled with your name! I knew my old job had sunk to its lowest when they stuck me in what used to be a storage room with ancient steel office furniture. (I used to joke about the desk being older than me, but it really was. It looked like something my mother would have sat at in secretarial school back in the 1940s.)

    I like that they are understanding of your back injury. Starting a new job is hard enough without being hurt; but if your coworkers are supportive, then you are in a good place and things can only go up. 🙂 Take care and enjoy your weekend!

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