Continuing Saga of work/life


Well.  I love my new job!

After two weeks of being there, even in some pretty bad pain from my disc situation, I think I really love it.  There is a lot of politics, but the odd “lateral violence”  that I experienced with my old boss is not present.  I feel myself relaxing and actually being myself as I work on things.

I have an office, which is a bit unusual, it is a cube, but it has an actual door.  It is right by the elevator which for a lot of people would be annoying but for me is perfect, because I’m a little social, and a little nosy and I love seeing the comings and goings of everyone.

We are in a small older building separate from the hospital, which is also nice because that means when ones goes down the hall for a drink or the bathroom, one is not going to run into patients, lost visitors or anything.  So the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed.

Cubicle decorating ideas (6)

Not quite to this standard, but a few people have been there for years and have amassed some interesting decorations!

The floor I am on contains Infection prevention and Regulatory people (People who help us all stay in line for various regulatory bodies).  One guy dropped by my office and after I said, well…I’m kind of a nerd, he laughed and said… “Didn’t you notice we are ALL nerds in this building, it’s Nerd Haven”  And indeed it is rather a place full of “my people”

On Thursday I had the surprise of my life as we all got Dual screens for our work.  because of the way I do my job the dual screens are really important.  I had assumed that this was my loss when moving from one hospital to the next, but it looks like I didn’t have to give that up.  My desk though has now shrunk to very small proportions since most is taken up with computer screens.  In a month or two I may have to rearrange the office, but I want to wait and see how I work.

Some surprises.

I was told a long time ago that it is easier to work with the “Criteria” as a sole practitioner.  I kind of brushed that off.  This past week I did discover that it can be a bit frustrating to work with others as some people work very quickly and make errors which have to be pointed out.  (I’m new…pointing out errors is not that fantastic).  Extremely animated discussions of “the criteria” are often to be heard.  This is frustrating, but also challenging because if I feel I’m right…I have to really be sure and have all the pieces to back myself up.  I like and don’t like it all at the same time.

The Commute: Not that bad.


I want to tweak it a bit actually to cut down on tolls paid.  Now that I have an E-pass the money is kind of invisible, but I know I am paying a lot in tolls- since Florida has no income tax it’s like paying taxes a little bit at a time. I can probably reduce my toll paying by about 2.00 a day if I get on at a different exchange etc, but so far with my back issues and everything, well, I have not really had all the energy in the world to think about it.

Disorganization:  The office since the Director has left is in a bit of disarray.  Generally when one orients they get a little calendar with names dates places.  This time around I’ve been left a bit on my own which is alright because I’ve needed some time to deal with physician appointments etc and the surveillance I still do for my old hospital.  But, they have not decided on my units yet, so I am kind of not quite able to start to work on how I fit in the organization yet.  This bothers me but at the same time, I think the current supervisor is feeling that she does not want to step on toes by making decisions, and she is also concerned that I may need to go out for surgery on my back.  Both valid.

More on the Back situation in my less visited training blog.

On Friday I got a text from my old Quality Officer.  She informed me that as part of the agreement made between my old and new bosses that I was to WORK AT MY OLD JOB 2 days a week.  She wanted to know which days I might be coming. At that I choked.  I reported this immediately to my supervisor. She was actually disappointingly waffling.  She said, “Well we have not assigned you any units yet so you could…”  I kind of said that I’d rather drink antifreeze…She clarified it with our big boss and several phone calls were put out to clarify that this actually was in fact NOT the agreement.


Not really sure what I would do if I had to essentially go back to that job part time, but…I have a feeling on Monday I may discover that I do have to do something physically over there.  The quality officer has been having to do a few things for my job and I suppose she didn’t really love it.

This week was also Operation Christmas Child Drop off Week!

I did not plan well this year. I paid for 5 shoeboxes and found that the lady from the church had only given me 4 “Go-Boxes”  the pre-printed OCC boxes that are so easy to use.


So…I could have wrapped a shoe box, but when the time came I discovered I had only collected enough “stuff” for 3 boxes.  I had a box for a teen girl, a box for a toddler boy, and a box for a Pre-teen girl.  Then I had some bits and bobs but not enough to really fill a box. So.  I went shopping and got enough items to fill another box for a pre-teen girl. I just could not bear the idea of trying to wrap a shoe box.  It is really really hard to wrap a box with a flip top lid.  I have an idea to use contact paper for the shoe boxes next year, but…This year too much for me.


I intended to drop them off on my way home from work on Friday but again I was just really really tired on Friday morning even and did not want to load the boxes into the car.

Saturday I finally took them over to the church and was really glad I did at that time.  I had a very large and gorgeous Vera Bradley paper bag from my shopping a while ago that fit the boxes perfectly. The ladies collecting the boxes were immediately in love with the bag and were shocked when I said I did not want it back.  (It’s a paper bag folks…yes it says Vera and is very pretty but REALLY…)

I then produced the extra printable tracking code and explained how I never built the last box and they immediately understood.  So someone who forgot the $7 fee to send the box will have that box sponsored by me!  I was really glad that it could be used!

The lady also explained why my tracking may not have worked last year. She stated she had been up at the Atlanta Warehouse on Thanksgiving weekend and the scanners had all broken down and were not really working properly.  So…one more mystery solved.  I hope this year I do get emails about where my boxes went.  The lady apologized but we both had a “bonding moment” when I smiled and said, “I know the boxes went where they were supposed to go because…God” So I am glad I got a chance to meet and interact with these ladies.  Even before I left I saw one hurrying to her car with my Vera shopping tote.  So I am pleased she will use it with more interest than I would have.

So neat stuff.

Life isn’t perfect but there is some good things in it.



3 thoughts on “Continuing Saga of work/life

  1. If your old boss tries to pull another “you still have to work for me” stunt, I’d complain to HR about the lateral violence. When I first started working in my current job, I was assigned to a teacher who clearly did not like me but knew I was good at my job. She would hand me a huge list of tasks to do without saying so much as a hello, good morning, or even “Oh, it’s you.” Sometimes I would come in and there would be treats set out on a table, but she never offered any or invited me to share in them. She also failed to inform me when there was a change in the schedule the following day, so in the morning I would come to a dark, locked classroom with no idea what to do. (One time I stood in the pouring rain for ten minutes, waiting for her and her class to return from a field trip. Granted, I was told by the main office that she would be back “any minute” and was instructed to wait for her, but I thought about how I could have taken my break then and caught up with my work when she got back.) When I finally completed the week, I swore I would never return to that teacher and that school. To my surprise, she complained to HR about me afterwards. I apparently had “hurt her feelings” by telling the sub office I wouldn’t work for her again. (Did she have any?) I returned the compliment by writing out a list of the things the teacher had done while I worked for her. I never heard from HR after that, but I had a feeling they showed her the list, which shut her up.

    Anyway, congrats on the new job! Sure, there are adjustments like the commute and the organizational issues, but those are small compared to the unhappiness you felt in your previous job. Enjoy your week!

  2. So happy for you that the job is working out so well. Good things for good people! Are you still under the same employer that there is some idea that you have to split your time? Employee rights are much clearer here – not saying better, just more defined in professional roles.

    • There is some confusion because of an unusual work situation. The old hospital is 49% owned by the new Hospital. So, it’s not the same system, but almost. THere are seven hospitals in the system I now work for and those are like “siblings” whereas my old hospital is like a cousin. So…obligations can get muddied. If I had gone from one system to another one entirely this would never have come up. So here’s hoping on Monday that it has been put to bed entirely.

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