Life’s Little updates right…

Well lots have changed.  This back injury really affected my entire life.

I’ve been at the new job for a while now. It remains chaotic.  I feel unsure all the time because there are just so many things up in the air.  On top of it, I am probably misinterpreting things because hey 1/3 of my mind is often occupied with pain, sometimes it’s just there, and sometimes I’m standing there taking all my will to remain upright, while also trying to listen.  Not ideal.  I want to keep this new job, but I sometimes feel as if the back is just against my every wish.

It’s like something is out to get me, but I know that this isn’t true.

Working out consists of walking in the pool.  I am absolutely blessed that I reside in Florida and that they heat the pool so I can do this all winter long, as long as I need to.


That said, it’s really BO-RING.  Luckily last summer I invested in a waterproofed iPod.  Seriously helps somedays when I just don’t want to do this, I get to hear my old running playlist.  Sometimes I replay familiar routes in my head while I walk.  I have been lucky and had a friend join me occasionally and I’ve met a few new pals who have similar issues.

Occasionally I actually overdo it, so I am starting to actually not scoff so much at the water walking thing.  It might be burning some calories. I am physically SO reconditioned and now I am about 10 pounds overweight.  But the Steroids and I did that together, as always with weight it can be undone. They say that it can burn 500 calories an hour, which is not too bad.

My Coach clearly isn’t really coaching me any more.  We still talk and email a lot.  On Wednesday he tried a lot of different manipulations, and techniques to help with this kind of injury.  He said after all the exercises that he believed the injury was beyond traditional PT methods.   :/  but true none the less.

(Side note: Coach may already be a Daddy!  The event is imminent and even though it will really change things, I’m quite happy for him and especially for Mrs. Coach because she has just always wanted to be a Mom.)

I saw the Neurosurgeon on Friday.  He and his PA recommended surgery.  After 2 hours in the office, they were backed way up….the big day is Groundhog day…February 2…

I have not told my Supervisor at work yet.  I should be able to use my PTO at that point, or VPN into do a lot of work from home…which is not the norm, but I think everyone wants my  back fixed.

I’m really worried.  I thought I’d be back swimming like as soon as the incision healed.

In this preoperative visit I learned it would be some time before I’d be swimming because of the torque.  I am not ruling out either the June Bridge to Bridge 4 miler, or the 8 mile Alligator Lighthouse swim…but..I have concern that I might not be trained enough to do either.  :/ But I really have to accept big injury, while I might be OK to swim 2 mies in the pool, I have to remember that Open Water Swimming is really a different animal.  A more reasonable goal will be to get back to Lucky’s Lake 1 K swim and get my 25 crossing cap…

I also learned that I likely have a CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak that was created by me during my last ESI.  So that changes my surgery a lot.  I will likely stay overnight one night at the hospital, which is not the norm, but the surgeon wants to repair the leak, and then it’s flat on the back for one night, which actually to me, who lives up 20 steps into my apartment, sounds like a fantastic idea.

He told me to plan one year for a return to running.  I’m going to have to register for Space Coast Half Marathon if I want to do it about 2 weeks after surgery….we will see how I feel.  The race is in November.

So it’s all hitting me now that I have gained weight which is back for my back, and that I need to try to get my abs in good good shape before surgery…

And of course, work…work remains.




3 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates right…

  1. Honey, listen to you body and take time to recover. Don’t rush it or you will pay for it in old age.

    And don’t listen to the monkeys in your head. You and your job will be fine.

  2. Listen to FD! I know a few people who refused to rest after an injury and the surgery they underwent to repair it. They’re now in their 70s and are semi-crippled. One continues to travel around the world and volunteer for her favorite institutions, which I admire: but her chronic pain makes her so negative and difficult to be around, no one can stand to be around her. Watching her makes me pray I never have to put up with that sort of pain as I get older. I pray your pain abates soon, but you have to take care of yourself too. Patience! And rest.

    • Oh I would never disobey any MD order…. but boy I can not wait to get this done, so I can recover. Right now it’s a holding pattern…. But with being able to do somethings yesterday I am starting to feel a lot more positive about the situation. It helps that I’m the Special Auntie!!!! I’m the Special Auntie.

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